Dell LTO4 tape Most Innovative And Reliable Backup Technology

Businesses now face stricter government regulations regarding long term data retention. It is necessary to secure the sensitive data like customers’ details, transaction records, financial statements etc. because this data is of foremost significance for any business as it is essential for smooth functioning of day to day business activities. Most of the business data is stored on computer nowadays which is vulnerable to many threats like virus attacks, power outages, malware, spyware, hardware & software malfunction and even natural disasters like heavy rain. In case of exposure to these mentioned threats.

It is highly likely that business would lose its data permanently. Permanent loss of data not only affects the productivity of the business but in some circumstances may even lead to business failure. In order to maintain its competitive edge and to be prepared for any disaster, businesses should install a reliable and durable backup technology, which can be stored on an offsite location and can be conveniently retrieved in case a disaster strikes.

Dell is the brand name recognized worldwide for providing IT technology which is both innovative and dependable. In order to manufacture wide range of LTO tapes and PowerVault drives, Dell has used its technological expertise. LTO 4 tape is the fourth generation of Linear Tape Open backup technology launched by Dell, which secures business data for longer period of time.

Dell recognized the fact that businesses now handle enormous amount of data, so these cartridges provides exceptional reliability compared to other tape formats.  It can store 800 GB of native data and with the compression feature it can seamlessly record data up to 1.60 terabytes. This massive storage capacity enables a business to store huge amount of data in fewer cartridges thus requiring less physical space for cartridge storage.

Dell LTO ultrium 4 tape media solution has been designed to deliver superior performance under harsh working environments, further enhance the data integrity and secure it against any malicious access. These cartridges are compatible with LTO4 and LTO5 drives. For greater flexibility, Dell offer half height drive units for those businesses that face space constraints and also offer full height drives. These drives can process data at a faster rate and can transfer data at a speed of 120 Megabytes per second.

These drives are also backward compatible, which means they can read and write data from previous two generations of LTO tape technology. For further enhancing the data security these drives also offer encryption feature which uses 256 bit AES algorithm which protects your business data against unauthorized access.

Dell LTO 4 tape offers unique WORM (write once read many) feature enables a business to access its data multiple times without compromising on its integrity. These cartridges require low maintenance and operational cost. These tapes are ideal for small and medium sized business as they deliver optimal performance, offer unique features and have an archival life of up to 30 years and yet it is a very affordable backup technology which your business can trust.

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