Dell TL2000 Library Supports LTO4, LTO 3 and LTO 5 Ultrium Tapes

Backup storage has become a necessity for companies of all sizes and types. Loss of corporate information or security breach can be very costly. Data administrators are expected to develop an effective data backup strategy that can not only help them manage the exploding data amounts, but also ensure satisfaction of strict government and industry legislations. LTO ultrium format dominates the backup tape industry, and has become the data administrators’ first choice for long term data preservation and storage-intensive organizations.

Dell-branded backup media products have established benchmarks for durability and performance. Dell LTO tape devices ensure superior data integrity and higher cost-efficiency. Dell PowerVault TL2000 is a high-speed, automated and robust LTO tape library that features exceptional 72 TB compressed capacity. TL2000 library is highly compact and occupies only 2U rack space. Therefore, the space-constrained originations can efficiently pack their enormous data amounts in a small amount of data-center space.

LTO tape versions supported by PowerVault TL2000 library are LTO5 tape, LTO ultrium 4 and LTO ultrium 3. Dell TL2000 library is the solution of choice for unattended backups, small office environments and medium-sized organizations. A single full-height or up to 2 half-height drives can be connected to the TL2000 tape library. The number of cartridge slots has been increased to 24, making it the optimal tape library solution for managing explosive data growth. Dell TL2000 library is also a reliable option for LAN archiving and backup. Its automated backup performance helps to reduce the human interventions, thus resulting in lower operational costs and improved overall reliability of read/write operations. “Optical cartridge” is a reliable feature that enables the tape library to efficiently handle and keep track of the tape media. Incorporation of “iSCSI-to-SAS bridge” enables the users of TL2000 library to supplement the growth in iSCSI storage area networks.

Dell LTO products are robustly designed to withstand the pressure of high duty cycles. Dell LTO ultrium tapes are a smart choice for offsite storage. Below are listed the Dell-branded LTO cartridges and their part numbers:

Dell LTO5 tape, 02H9YH
Dell LTO 4 tape, 341-4647 and 341-4640
Dell LTO ultrium 3 tape, 0HC591
Dell LTO 2 tape, 340-8701
Dell LTO 1 ultrium tape, 09W084

The on-board LCD interface assists the IT staff to conveniently configure, control, service and monitor the library operations. Advanced bar-code scanning system is used by the TL2000 library to record the location of backup tapes. So the users can efficiently recover their critical business data in case disaster strikes. A special mail-slot has been introduced, which facilitates the users to import and export the tape media. While you are away from the data center, you can remotely administer all tape library functions. The remote management functionality allows you to configure system logs, manage drive operations, view systems logs and control all other tape library operations as well.

Dell TL2000 library is the best backup solution for the long term archiving and storage needs of busy data-centers.

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