Description of Main Types of Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is the necessary equipment in the processing of mining industry; here I want to introduce the main types about the vibrating screens. The vibrating screen can be divided into two different types: the high efficiency vibrating screen and the high frequency vibrating screen. From their names, we can know that the first one type has a high efficiency and the second has a high frequency.

With the advance of science and technology, the vibrating screen is more and more in the direction of the high efficiency high energy development. Both the construction of large and medium-sized cities and the need of industrial mining prompt the vibrating screen production efficiency greatly. Now the evolution of the sieve is becoming more scaled, seriated and generalizing, which largely specialize production and equipment utilization rate. With more and more developed modern industrialization, their demands higher and higher vibration amplitude and intensity of sieve, which constantly improves the vibration parameters of vibrating screen for greater speed and acceleration and further achieves the purpose of greater production capacity and machine utilization.

There are many kinds of vibrating screen, the usually used screen are inertial vibrating screen (hereinafter referred to as vibrating screen), resonant sieve and fixed sieve. According to the properties of the material, there some screen were designed such as arc sieve, gallop-expand vibrating screen, probability sieve, roller sieve, etc. Facing with so many different kinds of screening equipment, how to choose the right one for the customers? Few points as follows should be taken into consideration in the choosing of a vibrating screen:

1, The material properties that influence the operation of the screen

The material properties that influence the operation of the screen include the volume density of the material, accumulation Angle, shape of the grain, flexibility of the material, adhesiveness, hygroscopicity, if it is with static or not, the water of the particle surface, control temperature, the distribution of particle size, etc.

2, The screening hole of the vibrating screen

When selecting a screen, the screen hole is very important, you should take the factors that include the handling capacity of the screen, the desert free rate of the screen, the service life of the screen mesh, the plug of the screen hole, adhesion, and so on into consideration.

3, The parameters of the vibrating screen

By the experiment of the vibrating equipment to ensure its all kinds of parameters such as the mode of motion of the vibrating screen, the size of amplitude, the tilt Angle of the used screen (pore size, the diameter of the twine, the material quality) and net surface, etc.

mixing barrel:

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