Details of Pilates and Its Application

Details of Pilates and Its Application

Pilates is a physical therapy developed by Joseph Pilates. It is popular in Europe and Americha. There is a disciplined education system for learning pilates. You have to attend some pilates classes also for achieving proper knowledge about this system.

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is basically a routine for conditioning your body. The pilates professionals work on spinal and pelvic alignment. This method ensures adequate oxygen supply to your muscles. It also ensures the flexibility of your body.

What are the principles taught in pilates classes?

A pilate instructor will teach you some principles that are very important for this method.  Without these principles, you cannot become a good pilate instructor. Basically, there are six principles. These principles are mentioned below.

  • In your first pilates class, the pilate instructor will tell you about concentration. Focus is a must for this method. Always try to concentrate on your goal. You have to try to concentrate on your moves also. This concentration is very useful in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Control is the second principle of this method. You need deep concentration to take control of your life. It is taught in pilates classes with a lot of examples. Some exercises are efficient to make your control stronger. You have to lift some weight against gravity to take the control of your body. If you attend pilates classes regularly, you will be able to be a successful controller of your body.
  • A starting place is a must for taking the body control. It is usually called as the center or focal point.  You can learn the center point of your body in a pilates class. Usually hips, lower back, upper back, etc. are considered as the center points of your body.
  • Efficiency of movement is also a very important part. You have to learn the exercises that are needed for efficient moving. Some physical therapy is needed for this principle. That’s why it is closely related to physiotherapy.
  • Some errors are seen in this method. These errors are usually caused by the instructor. You can easily correct these errors by precision. Try to concentrate on the correct method of your movement. If you are not concentrated on your effort, then they will not help you at all.
  • Breathing is not only important for pilates but also important for every person to live. Usually a person takes about 18000 breaths per day. You have to avoid excess breathing. You have to avoid less breathing also.

What is the power house of your body according to pilates?

In pilates, the center of your muscles is considered as the power house of your body. It has been proven that you can easily develop your movement quality by using your power house perfectly.

Is there any restriction for using this method?

Pilates is open for all. Anyone can use this name and method. If you are seeking for more information about pilates, you should talk to a pilate instructor.

Pilates is one of the effective physiotherapy methods that helps a lot to recover from various types of physical problems. You should learn this method properly. You can also go to for further information.

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