Development direction of China’s iron ore beneficiation technology

Limonite rich water of crystallization , physical beneficiation of iron concentrate grade of 60% is difficult to achieve , but after firing can significantly increase due to burning iron grade , while limonite in the grinding process mudding serious. Metal recovery when sorting low . To further enhance Jiangxi pit iron ore beneficiation indicators , Maanshan Institute of Mining Research conducted magnetic – reverse flotation new technology research , the use of high intensity magnetic separation to get rougher concentrate , concentrate magnetic impurity into reverse flotation operations further , iron concentrate grade of 56.73% . Recovery was 58.52% . Frog Chan limonite , etc. For a Guangdong flotation process were different test programs , and ultimately desilication cationic flotation process . In a preferred process parameters .

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Closed-circuit the process of obtaining a concentrate grade of 59% or more , about 84% iron recovery was a good indicator . MULTIPURPOSE UTILIZATION flotation , re-election , magnetic separation and roasting and other processing methods into a limonite Xinjiang line of experimental research . The results show that roasting process available grade iron ore 59.12% , 92.19% recovery of technical indicators . Wang Yuhua limonite against a single anti-flotation process selection, study off the mud , the impact of a single cation and anion and cation joint technical solutions such as anti- flotation indicators. The results show . Using novel cationic surfactant added DTL off the mud , lime and activated silicon minerals , starch and iron minerals suppression , new technology solutions combined use of oleic acid and dodecylamine , and achieved good indicator : iron grade of 57.18% , the recovery rate 74.9% .

Construction project content , design options and external conditions : The project constituted ; resources and mining for ore situation ; process and compare the main processing equipment options and recommendations ( the introduction of technology or equipment to further illustrate the need for the introduction of the use of foreign capital may resistance and ability to repay ; renovation and expansion project to illustrate the use of the fixed assets of the original case ) ; demonstration external conditions ( external transport , water, electricity , fuel and other materials needed for the production of supply ) of ; civil structures in the form of preliminary selection ; preliminary selection of the plant utilities and transport modes ; initial choice of whole plant layout program. Zenith Ball Mill

The purpose and mission of the feasibility study

Construction project feasibility study was to evaluate the feasibility of a scientific analysis of the technical , economic, is an important preliminary design work . Its purpose is through the combined effect of the in-depth technical and economic feasibility studies to confirm the project investment and provide a reliable basis for correct decision construction projects . Approved as a basis for determining the feasibility study and preparation of the construction project design documents.

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Plant construction feasibility study on the basic principle task is the construction of such resources, the scale of construction , the principles of the process , major equipment , products, programs , market demand and address, external conditions , infrastructure investment, construction progress , economic effects, demonstrated ability to analyze the competition , and thus whether the concentrator building , how to build a conclusion .

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