Diamonds mother did not think he was feeling very well and when he told

One morning, Diamonds mother did not think he was feeling very well and when he told her that he had a little headache, she was sure of it. Now there was an aunt of his living at Sandwich and his mother decided to send him there for a change. So giving him two pence for spending money, she packed him off to Sandwich for a visit.
He soon made great friends with an old woman who kept a toy-shop there, where he spent his two pence. One hot day when he had been walking about more than he ought and was tired, he went into the toy-shop to rest. The old woman had gone out but he thought it would be ugg boots on sale all right for him to sit down on a box and rest.
All at once, he heard a gentle whirring somewhere amongst the toys. Among them was a whistle that had a wind-mill at the end which turned when you blew the whistle. No one was blowing the whistle now and yet the wind-mill was turning and turning and turning.
What can it mean? said Diamond out loud after watching for a few moments.
It means me , answered the tiniest voice he had ever heard.
Who are you, please? asked Diamond.
Well, really, I begin to be ashamed of you! cried the voice. You are as bad as a baby that doesnt know its mother in a new bonnet!
Not quite so bad as that, dear North Wind, said Diamond. And I am so glad to see you. Did you sink the ship?
And drown everybody?
Not cheap ugg quite. One boat got away with six or seven men in it.
And you took the others to that queer place the gentleman spoke of, said Diamond to himself. Aloud he said, Please, North Wind, I want you to take me to the country at the back of the north wind.
That is not so easy, said North Wind and was silent so long that he thought she must have gone away. But presently she spoke again.

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