Digital Mine Features

Mining enterprises digitization of the road there are four characteristics .

Features one : equipment renewal and enterprise management paradigm shift is to promote digitization important way .


Currently, the major technological COPPER CRUSHING MACHINE MANUFACTURER advances of digital mine from technology, equipment and management of these three areas to promote . Particular equipment, is to promote an important way to increase the effectiveness of the mine . On the one hand , the different mining conditions are suitable for mining equipment, mine is not the same level , large-scale mining requires large-scale mining equipment , small-scale mining should also have some small devices match , but no matter what kind of equipment, large scale after use will surely have a better labor efficiency.

 Features two : on the one hand “large” one hand “small but fine .”

 With the rapid development of database technology and database management system widely used in mining , mining accumulate more and more data , our data acquisition technology has reached the level of developed countries . However, more companies want to be a higher level of analysis in order to make better use of these data , and in-depth data mining and analysis is currently lacking in the industry , but also the country with PRICE OF COPPER CRUSHER IN INDIA foreign technology gap. In Device Manager , for example, the system is able to fully understand foreign equipment operators operate every action , each one equipped with every state , for the entire record, and then to optimize this process stage , thus achieving production management guidance effect.

 Features three : Smart professional .


Mine of information for our product demand and domestic mining software product development capability is lagging behind supply and demand, mining digitizing software development process, the difficulty lies in professionalism . Mine drawn digitizing software and a point of each line are represented in a certain project information, with specific engineering significance. These graphics in space constitute a complex network system , the function provides a variety of production uses , logically contain complex constraint in time constitutes the cost of production and value chains , therefore , in the development of software digital mine should is intelligent and specialization combine to make the designer’s operation more convenient.

 Features four : a data-centric , to create suitable sets of mining enterprises of digital technology .

Because ore mining STONE CRUSHING MACHINE FOR SALE IN INDIA enterprises unknown mineral resources, is widely used in processing industry ERP (enterprise resource planning ) system is applied directly to the mine production management there will be some problems. “Through a lot of pre- analysis of geological exploration work , we are only able to get a relatively reliable resource projections , but in actual production, with the arrangement and implementation of large projects , ongoing exploration work in order to make us gradually clear understanding of the resource , we can say : only until the end of exploitation , control of resources that people can achieve full detail . “

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