Disadvantage Of Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are made by Appling a ply door or they are laminated by the both sides with the wooden thick or thin pieces. It is the best way of making a wooden door but it must be noted that it is suitable in our environment while in the northern area these doors are not considered as the most suitable doors for the use of houses.With the advantage of wooden doors some disadvantage must also keep in the mind such as if you are using a wooden door in front of your house in an open air. Then your door will be damaged in case of rain or any storm or any interruption in the climate may cause the damage of door.Outer coating of some wooden doors is so thin that it can not be refinished or maintained time and again so if someone says that he likes wooden doors so he will keep its maintenance even at high cost then it is difficult to refinish them. This is the main disadvantages of the door.Another greatest disadvantage of the wooden doors is the increment in the chance of entry of robbers, and thieves as it is easier to make holes in the door of wood. In this way they can easily broke into the house and one may meet to the great loss in the case of wooden doors.

In summer when the air is humid it is not good for the wooden doors as they absorbed the moisture present in the air. The result is the increases in the size of these doors. They are bigger than earlier which may be the cause of cracks in the sides of the wooden doors. When someone wants to open or close them, they get stuck and the cause of problem for the owner or every one entering in the house.The disadvantage appears not only in the summer season but in the summer it reverses its response and it is contracted by the weather so a gap is created between the door and the walls. This gap is the cause of entrance of chilly from the outside to the inner side of the home. So you can not seal properly your home or room from the chilled weather because of wooden doors.The greatest disadvantage of wooden doors is that they are vulnerable to attacks from termites.

if they are made by the good quality timber and are treated with anti termite solutions then you may save them for a period of time but if you have no idea of this disadvantage of the wooden door then it will destroy your door from inner side by eating it gradually and when you will see the whole door will be damaged. So you may have to meet with a great loss.morover it may be the cause of dust allergy to your family members. In the end we may say that one should not go to the advantages of the wooden door as so many disadvantages are also present in case of these doors.convinency in life must be prefer instead of an attractive look.

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