Do You Know the Classification of Belt Conveyor?

Belt conveyor is the ideal, highly efficient and continuous conveying equipment in coal mines. Compared with other transportation machines such as haulage motor, belt conveyor has the advantages of long conveyance distance, big conveyance amount and continuous conveyance. In addition, it has stable operation and is easy to realize automatic and centralized control. At now, for reducing the intensity of the tape and the size driving device, Hongxing Machinery usually adopt the linear friction drive or intermediate unloading type drive in the middle, and use the new technology of soft start. The extensible belt conveyor is mainly used in coal mining.

The pipeline transportation of high efficient working face, the tail can recommend contraction over coal mining face and use store warehouse for redundant convery belt. It has the features of the compact structure, the light rack, easy to install and split. We usually adopts the core zone and coupling with mechanical joint. These get together with the middle driving device so that it can satisfy the requirement of big capacity and great transport distance. The horizontal turning belt conveyor can bypass the buildings or unfavorable terrain, this reduce or not the using of the intermediate transfer station, and centralized power supply and control system, reduce the risk of material overflow or congestion, reduce dust and noise, reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Besides, there are many others belt conveyor. They have own advances.

The conbeyor belt has many advances, it includes the large capacity, long distance, transportation continuous, reliable operation, centralized control and so on. Now bucket hoist conveyor is the important equipment for high output and high efficiency dressing equipment. Now we can see the different new types belt conveyor. It has the big dip angle belt conveyor equipment, high production and efficiency face gateway extensible conveyor belt system.

The new features bucket conveyer has the advance of big dip angle and long distance and use the dynamic analysis, intelligent control technology in the preface. This develops a lot of soft start, brake arrangement and programmable electronic control device. At this time, in China, the belt conveyor is still small, the speed is in the about 4m/s, the static design is used commonly, so the stability of operation is not good and having the high cost, these disadvantages must be improved in the future.


bucket elevator:

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