Does Male Organ Size Matter To Satisfy Partner?

If you want a one word reply to the question, does male organ size matter to satisfy partner, answer would be a big no. Yes bigger size of male organ has some advantages but that does not mean males having average size male organ cannot satisfy woman or are less capable lovers due to their size. Only 15% of males measure more than 7 inches in erect state and just 3% more than 8, this shows that chunk of males possess male organ size around 6 inches, if size was only factor which could determine whether a male can satisfy a woman or not than large number of women would have been sexually unsatisfied. Male organ size can increase a male’s confidence and it also satisfies a male’s ego but when it comes to making satisfactory love, male organ size does not matter to satisfy partner.

Women have sensitive nerves in first three inches of their vagina, this states that male organ size of 2-3 inches is good enough to satisfy a woman. Another important fact which gets ignored usually is that it is the width of male organ which is responsible to give sensation by rubbing the walls of vagina during sex and not the length. Considering these two medically proven facts it can be concluded that male organ size does not matter to satisfy partner. If you measure less than average size say by couple of inches all you need to do is to adjust your technique and style a bit. Self confidence and correct technique hold the key and not male organ size to satisfy partner. First of all forget about the size of your organ and learn good techniques to arouse a woman. Perform quality foreplay for longer duration till your partner has reached at the peak of her excitement, make her plead for sex.

Once she is ready penetrate her in a position where you can keep her thighs close to each other. By keeping her thighs close to each other you will bring her vaginal walls closer and will rub the walls with your male organ during penetration and also during lovemaking. The friction between your male organ and her vaginal walls will make her ecstatic and bring her down to a shuddering orgasm. If you can perform in this fashion you will notice yourself that male organ size does not matter to satisfy partner.

Use your male organ head to rub first three inches of her vagina, male organ head is widest part of male organ. If you will pull and push your organ so that head of the organ brushes her vaginal walls each time you will send waves of intense pleasure in her body and take her to height of sexual bliss. Learn techniques to delay your ejaculation as long as possible, longer duration of lovemaking will bring her to multiple orgasms and provide her maximum satisfaction. Heighten her excitement by nibbling her nipples, touching her clitoris and kneading her hips, activities like spanking, pinching and biting within limits can be highly arousing during lovemaking. Admire her beauty and tell her how sexy she looks, all these things together will take her to cloud nine and her appreciation will prove that male organ size does not matter to satisfy partner.

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