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This romantic drama with intruiging overtones of a thriller stars Rachel Weisz (Rose), Jude Law (Michael Daly) and Anthony Hopkins (John) with an engaging supporting cast.

360 is a multi-cultural movie, spanning the continents in cities as diverse as Vienna, Denver, Bratislava, Paris, and London, lingering in each location long enough for the audience to get the flavour of the particular place. Beautifully, artistically filmed and scored, making for a visual delight, and skillfully directed by Brazillian Fernando Meirelles.
The movie centres around the life-changing choices various characters have to make and the fateful consequences of those decisions upon themselves and others connected directly and indirectly to them until the events come full circle – 360 degrees to be precise. Chance encounters that lead to life-changing events. The movie deals with not only multicultural relationships but those which transgress social classes too. The entire gamut of life’s emotions are played out, adultery, sex and of course love, taking the format of vignettes of characters drawn from all 4 corners of the globe who turn out to be all connected in one way or another and linked inextricably by sex! 360, loosely based on a 1950′s French movie called La Ronde (in turn adapted from a play entitled Reigen) is as much a romp from bed to bed as much as from country to country.
The movie commences with an introduction to the main theme,with the quote “If there’s a fork in the road, take it.” The overall theme is quite reminscent of Sliding Doors. We are slowly introduced to various characters, which are just well enough fleshed out to wet our appetite. Each new story in a new location makes a link back to the last as the tales unravel. The various characters are also commonly linked by airports and planes. Throughout we are presented with storylines that have various possible outcomes, some could end disasterously and conversely if the coin was flipped, some optimistically, depending on which fork in the road is taken. It is the viewers job to guess the outcome and the connections. Often we are left hanging teasingly and abruptly in the midst of a crisis in one story only for another to begin until the circle is complete.
Although 360 is a bit slow at first, the pace soon gets going in full-swing.

Amongst these diverse characters are Blanka (Lucia Siposová), a Slovakian prostitute who is sent to a hotel bar in Vienna to meet Michael (Jude Law) an English business man, who is married to Rose (Rachel Weisz) who is having an affair with a young, red-blooded work colleague (Juliano Cazarré), whose heartbroken Brazilian girlfriend (Maria Flor) has left him, fleeing only to meet John….

Anthony Hopkins plays John, an ex-alcoholic father searching for his daughter who went missing a few years earlier, he is on a flight to the US, which becomes snow bound….
Tyler (Ben Foster), a convicted sex offender fresh out of prison is one of the most engaging characters and adds generously to the movie, providing tension and some scary moments. Sergei (Vladimir Vdovichenkov), a Russian associate whose boss gets involved with …?

Watch this space to pre-order your DVD copy of 360, the latest of Anthony Hopkins movies.

If you see a fork in the road, take it,” says a wise man in a quote that frames Fernando Merielles’ “360.” If this gives the impression that the film will be like a Zen koan, impenetrable for some in the audience but allowing epiphanies by others, that effect would be incorrect. Instead, “360” comes across as basically naturalistic rather than stylized, a straight story despite its frequent reappearances of the many characters and diverse and sundry plot lines, most of which deal with the consequences of adultery and thoughts of same. Meirielles, whose “City of God” in 2002 deals with two young men who choose different paths in Rio’s slums, takes a break from depictions of violence in favor of explorations of ethical violations in the sexual sphere.
With dialogue in Russian, Slovakian, English, French and Brazilian Portuguese, Peter Morgan’s script utilizes a cast of actors many of whom are unknown on our shores to depict a panorama of people who are in need of both more authentic types of human contact and who in most cases give in to their appetites for temporary satisfactions. Because of the large number of performers, the film substitutes breadth for depth, and though the mini-plots are uneven, those that are good are quite worthwhile to watch indeed.

The picture begins and ends in a photographer’s studio. A cameraman who doubles as pimp (Johannes Krisch) captures a Slovakian woman (Lucia Siposova) nude from the waist up, one who wonders how much money she will make once her photo is released to the Internet. Adriano Goldman’s cameras follow her to a bar where she is to meet a businessman, Michael Daly (Jude Law), the latter blackmailed by a salesman (Moritz Bleibtreu) who is angry that Daly was giving his business to an Estonian. Daly shouldn’t have worried since his wife, Rose (Rachel Weisz), has busied herself with a lover of her own, Rui (Juliano Cazarre). Rui, in turn, faces flak from his girlfriend, Laura (Maria Flor) for his sexual proclivities, but who has adventures of her own after being grounded in Denver on a flight back to Rio. She meets and chats with an alcoholic passenger (Anthony Hopkins) and, in the film’s most interesting episode, with a sex offender (Ben Foster) whom she invites to a Denver hotel room with unusual results.

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