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Download Dangerous Liaisons Movie HD/TV/PC Watch Dangerous Liaisons Movie (2012) Dangerous Liaisons (2012)
9 November 2012 (USA)
Director: Jin-ho Hur
Writers: Choderlos de Laclos, Geling Yan
Stars: Cecilia Cheung, Dong-gun Jang and Ziyi Zhang

In Shanghai, a woman who encounters an ex-boyfriend lures him into a game, as he looks to seduce, then abandon a naive young woman. But the plan becomes treacherous as the couple falls in love.
Asian filmmakers, however, have been far less inclined to go the other way and tackle a film from Europe or North America, which makes a Chinese reimagining of the Western staple “Dangerous Liaisons” notable, and a little strange.
Best known as Stephen Frears’ 1988 Glenn Close-John Malkovich movie, “Liaisons” has had numerous interpretations since beginning life in the 18th century as a French novel about the manipulative Marquis de Merteuil.
But it’s never quite been incarnated as it has in the Chinese-South Korean co-production, also titled “Dangerous Liaisons,” that premiered this week at the Cannes Film Festival’s Directors’ Fortnight section, where it seeks American and European distribution. Nor, perhaps, has it ever been done for such a particular set of marketplace reasons. The Asian spin is as much about the modern global economy as it is about cross-cultural storytelling.
1930s Shanghai: the glamorous, tumultuous “Paris of the East” whose salons, streets and bedrooms frame this Chinese adaptation of the French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses – into a lush new vision of ‘DANGEROUS LIAISONS’.
Aging socialite Mo Jieyu (Cecilia Cheung) still finds herself circling ex-boyfriend Xie Yifan (Jang Dong-kun). Even after years of separation, their attraction – and appetites – burn just beneath the surface. Mo, the rich and charming widow with a taste for indulgence and sensuous pleasures, still has eyes for famous womanizer Xie, who secretly burns with love for her.
And yet, in his luxurious life, Xie’s new interest lies in chaste humanitarian Du Fenyu (Ziyi Zhang), who has captured his attention and earned his desire for conquest. Mo lures Xie into a treacherous, dangerous game of hearts: win, bed, and leave Du, proving his mettle as a rogue and impossible catch. But can Xie take the honor of such a woman, without losing his own heart, as well? As war looms in Shanghai, can Xie win Mo’s seductive game? Can he choose between these two women? Where will such a triangle lead them all? In matters of the heart, and in this city, there may be no difference between love and war.
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