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An airline pilot was flying plane drinking alcohol, but then plane was about to crash. With his efforts made the plane was saved from crashing with an emergency landing of plane. All praised him but when investigation was carried out alcohol was found out in his system and it might land him to prison. Now what will law decide about him.A flight was about to go for a crash but it was saved by an emergency landing on the right time. But when an investigation was started some troubling discovery comes out as the pilot that landed flight was drunk that day and he could be imprisoned for it.

Download Flight Movie

Download Flight Movie

Download Flight Movie

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The most memorable movies made by Robert Zemeckis combine old-fashioned storytelling, technical sophistication, and either elements of social satire (Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit), existential musings (Contact, Cast Away) or a mixture of the two (Forrest Gump); however, the ‘technical’ stuff has overshadowed his recent work. In fact, looking back over Zemeckis’ filmography, one might be surprised to note that trend did not begin with his 3D motion-capture projects (The Polar Express, Beowulf and A Christmas Carol), but with What Lies Beneath – the director’s Hitchockian homage (ripoff?) released in 2000.

Zemeckis returns to pure live-action filmmaking with Flight, which also marks the first non-action/thriller to star two-time Oscar-winner Denzel Washington since he directed himself in the 2007 inspirational true-story drama The Great Debaters. As much excitement as there is among cinephiles to see both the director and actor getting back to their roots, so to speak, there’s good reason to wonder: have their basic dramatic skills grown a tad rusty over the past few years?

Thankfully, the answer is “no.” Flight, at times, threatens to slide off the rails into the realm of implausibility and preachy melodrama, but the mature direction from Zemeckis – coupled with a raw, yet understated, performance from Washington – prevents that from happening. There are traces of Forrest Gump and Cast Away‘s DNA in the storytelling; yet, thanks to a cast populated by seasoned actors, the characters (most of which are residents of the South) feel less cartoony than in Gump. Moreover, Flight confronts the concept of divine intervention more explicitly than Cast Away, yet manages to feel somewhat less long-winded.

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Flight tells the story of Whip Whitaker (Washington), an airline pilot who pulls off a miraculous crash-landing after a mid-flight catastrophe, managing to save the lives of all but six of the 102 living souls onboard in the process. Media outlets hail him as a genuine American hero, but Whip shirks the limelight during an ongoing NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) investigation into the cause of the accident. Is there some lurid truth behind what really happened on that plane, waiting to be uncovered? Well, the trailers for Flight would have you believe so.

In reality, the film isn’t at all the “action-packed mystery thriller” described in the official synopsis, but a mixture of character study and morality play. The very first scene introduces Whip as a doughy, incorrigible, fellow with a penchant for boozing and sniffing cocaine. He’s practically a laundry list of undesirable traits (divorced, often-inebriated, non-committal), yet he’s also an incredible pilot with charisma and moral fiber – sometimes, even when under the influence. Whip is a character that stretches credibility, for sure, but Washington makes him far more believable than your average cliché bad-man-needing-redemption or onscreen alcoholic.

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