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Cloud Atlas is a groundbreaking movie, stretching the chord of imagination to the hilt! It has a team of directors with an untied vision, ‘The Matrix’ famed, the Wachowskis and the well-equipped Tom Tykwer. With an elite star cast and a larger-than-life concept, Cloud Altas manages to catch the fancy of the viewers over its total length of approximately 170 minutes.

The production team had to be on its toes, shifting the narrative from one time period to another while plugging the possible loopholes and interconnecting diverse ideas in an unambiguous manner. The timeline shifts from the early era when a human being and humanity were not doppelgangers; man was yet to act from his heart, it was an evolutionary period when he counted on animal instincts to make decisions Next, we are guided to the hi-tech era, where there’s a thin line between going right and going absolutely wrong, as the amassed knowledge has become a double-edged sword.

Download Cloud Atlas The screenplay is magical and bubbles with emotions, soul-stirring background scores and distant stories that connate human symbolism. All in all, Cloud Atlas is a movie that will settle into your minds, conjuring up threads that weave through the mankind, echoing unity in diversity and unity in adversity.

The narrative is subtly engaging and strongly effective. Cloud Atlas demarcates the various time periods via telling images and then bridges them with ease, employing thematic elements. The screenplay is complemented by the infusion of logical connectors in the invasive plotline.

Download Cloud Atlas More then that story, the star cast is working wonders for the box office fate of the movie. After all, how often do we see, Hollywood bigwigs like Tom Hanks, Keith David and Halle Berry sharing the screen space. The acting scale of these stars has been fully exploited by making them play different roles in different time periods.Download Cloud Atlas So, no one is under-utilized and you have just enough company of each star to keep you satisfied. It’s never easy to immediately move from one role to another, but these experienced actors have managed well.

The enigmatic Tom Hanks acts as the glue that keeps the intricate, nomadic screenplay together. His facial scars are nature’s drawn portrait of the beauty and strength inherent in the fragile human life, prone to both divine bliss and heart-rending disasters.

The actor, who has overshadowed others with a model performance is Jim Broadbent. He plays two characters in Cloud Atlas- one is of a composer, whose is gradually falling from the pinnacle of success. He is also portraying a modern-day composer, going through the thick of his life?

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