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Download The Dark Knight Rises

Download The Dark Knight Rises

Download The Dark Knight Rises

Download The Dark Knight Rises
At the time of writing this The Dark Knight Rises review, it is impossible to view the finale to the story of Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alter-ego, Batman, as just a movie. The film arrives on a wave of massive hype, yet it is still trying to outrun the long shadow of its predecessor, The Dark Knight – a film that not only set a new bar for what a comic book movie could be, but also blew away critics, snagged two Oscars, and excited fans to the tune of a $1 billion worldwide box office. TDK also changed the course of the industry by launching the “full IMAX” trend in filmmaking, and even coerced the Oscars to expand its Best Picture category to include more nominees (after Nolan’s film was snubbed)

In that sense, it’s almost impossible for The Dark Knight Rises to meet the level of expectation facing it – but has Chris Nolan managed to end his Batman legend on a note that will at once please fans and critics, tie off the story in proper fashion, and still deliver the biggest and best blockbuster movie experience of the year

The answer to those looming questions is…sort of. Download The Dark Knight Rises does bring Nolan’s trilogy full-circle to a well-earned conclusion, and features a number of big blockbuster moments and will likely please many fans (and critics) – but it also stumbles in its execution of said conclusion, never really captures the sheer spectacle of films like The Dark Knight or Inception, and will ultimately leave some fans (and critics) cold with its very unique take on the Batman mythos.

Combining elements of Batman comic book storylines like “Knightfall,” “Knight Quest,” “No Man’s Land,” and “The Dark Knight Returns,” we pick up eight years after the events of The Dark Knight and are re-introduced to a Gotham City where organized crime has been effectively curtailed – thanks to the strict mandates of the “Harvey Dent Act.” Of course, that progress has been made based on a lie about how Harvey Dent died – a lie that has nearly crushed the spirits of Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), the latter of whom has all but vanished into reclusion, as his “true” face, The Batman, is no longer needed (or wanted) on the streets.

However, the sudden appearance of a costumed thief (Anne Hathaway) heralds the rise of a great evil from deep within the bowels of Gotham: Bane (Tom Hardy), a ruthless and cunning terrorist who has come to the city to enact a plan that will take everything both Bruce Wayne and Batman have been fighting for, and twist it into a weapon used to destroy Gotham and the souls of its people. Bruce tries to don the cape and cowl again, but his time away has made both his spirit and body soft, while Bane is as hardened a villain as they come.

With foes at every turn, and his city under siege, Bruce Wayne must rediscover the strength within that made him Batman in the first place – and this time, he’ll need help from friends like Gordon, Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), the unscrupulous Selina Kyle (Hathaway) and rookie cop John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), if he hopes to win the war against an army of criminals and mercenaries that Bane sets loose on the streets of Gotham.

Batman is back with a bang in The Dark Knight Rises, and this time around, there’s no messing around with him. The movie starts from where the last film in the franchise ended, taking us into the life of Batman since his disappearance eight years ago. Choosing honor over victory led to his mysterious disappearance, and his conversion from the status of a hero to that of a fugitive. Download The Dark Knight Rises online to see the events that force Batman to come out of hiding and once again redeem his role as a fighter for the good. After his accusation for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent in the last film, it was thought that that was the end of his tumultuous reign. However, this movie comes as a delight for fans of Batman, as it once again brings him back into action, with a spirit of vengeance that will take a lot more than a false accusation to smother. It all starts with a cunning burglar arriving in town, threatening to demolish the anti-crime Dent Act which had things under control so far. Add to this the comeback of dreaded terrorist Dane, and you have reason enough to bring Batman back into control. Download The Dark Knight Rises to Download this momentous return that the world of superhero fans has been eagerly awaiting!

The Dark Knight Rises Movie is Directed By : Christopher Nolan

Starring : Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine

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