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Everybody knows that films based on true stories are the best type of films. It’s why actors only win Oscars if they play a real-life person, and it’s why movies as varied as The King’s Speech, Erin Brokovich and Mommie Dearest have all gone on to become universally beloved classics. The knowledge that we’re watching something that really happened adds a fierce veracity to these films.

And while Sam Raimi might not be known for his fondness for real-life stories, The Possession – in which he acts as producer – marks an abrupt about-turn. The film, you see, is based on a true story. It even says so, right there on the poster. So how will Raimi’s shot at cinema verite work out? Let’s look through The Possession’s trailer for clues …

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1) In The Possession, Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a divorced dad who has to look after his two young daughters for a weekend. That all seems perfectly feasible for now.

2) Desperate to fill time with his daughters, Morgan decides to take them to a local yard sale. Again, there’s no reason to doubt The Possession is based on a true story, even if the girls do both seem a little bit too excited by the prospect of rooting through boxes of wires and old Now That’s What I Call Music cassettes.

3) However, one of the girls finds herself inexplicably drawn to a box covered in mysterious Hebrew inscriptions. Now, this is where things become less believable. Look at all the stuff on sale – there’s an old telly, a birdcage, some spoons. Why on Earth would she ignore goodies like that in favour of a rubbishy-looking box? I’m beginning to suspect The Possession isn’t really based on a true story at all.

4) OK, fine, it is based on a true story. No need to ram it down our throats. Jeez.

5) But the box starts making the little girl act unusually. First, she stabs her father’s hand with a fork at dinner. Not that there’s anything weird about that; he did make her go to a crappy yard sale, after all. He probably had it coming.

6) Next, the box appears to give the little girl cataracts. Again, there’s no reason to doubt that this actually happened – congenital cataracts can often go undetected for the first few years of somebody’s life. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, and completely unrelated to the box.

7) But then the girl finds herself covered in moths. That’s a little more bizarre, but there’s probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for it. Perhaps the box contains some sort of sugary substance, or an artificial light source. Moths love those. Yes, that’s probably it.

8) Concerned by this unusual – although perfectly rational – turn of events, the girl’s parents take her for a scan. There, they discover a terrifying foreign object nestled inside her. But there’s no cause for alarm. If you squint a bit, the object looks a bit like a set of maracas. Perhaps the true story of The Possession is the story of a little girl who ate some maracas. Makes perfect sense.

9) Not sure what this is, though. Acne? An unfortunate reaction to the scan? Hatching moth eggs? Look, I don’t know. This certainly doesn’t seem like something that would actually happen to a person, but The Possession is based on a true story, so it must have done. The Possession wouldn’t lie to us, would it?

10) Now a hand is crawling out of the girl’s mouth. I’ve used a lot of self-diagnosis websites in my time, but I’ve never been diagnosed with a hand that’s trying to crawl out of my mouth. This all smells a bit fishy to me – The Possession can’t possibly be based on a true story. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this happens all the time. So, readers, if you’ve ever bought a mysterious Hebrew box at a yard sale with your estranged dad, only to find yourself covered in moths and full of maracas and with a hand trying to crawl out of your mouth, do let me know.

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