drinking a period lancel handbags of treatment to go there again

A bite of mitigating action said grace the noodles don’t change color, XinChen from the traditional Chinese medicine is the most dislike tastes, drink a will stem ou along while, very afflictive, tried lancel purses to take the eyes at mitigating words stealing bowl. Looked at this said it can not bear, put down the bowl of say: “want not calculate, the medicine really very hard to drink, we do not drink it.” XinChen is pull a long face stare at of sorrow with a xw880cc20120803 bowl of black medicine juice, smell speech played chicken raised the same bowl drank a clean, said the pressure of this busy composing a plug off sugar her mouth, saw her with sugar to close their mouth, endure the involuntary retching endure lancel handbags the eyes are red, the speech this love is dead, but a little way to also have no, touch her face hug her, and love dearly with light fondle her back. XinChen very not easy to press the fit to sick vomit, a sweat fell on his arms, a long time has come round again, comfort him up: “I have more than two days before the better! Now don’t spit it out, in a few days, more and more habit, will good!” She clasped his waist, “said after drinking a period lancel handbags of treatment to go there again, you don’t give up the deal?” Mitigating some hot words eyes, and my throat plugging, have to “well”, answered her.

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