Early Discharge Of Semen Causes, Symptoms And Techniques To Overcome This Problem

Every man faces early discharge of semen problem at some point in their life. It is a temporary problem for healthy males. They overcome it naturally. Men with nervous disorders, alcohol addiction and other psychological issues find the problem very depressing. Constant negligence of the issue can cause severe complications like relationship breakups, infertility and heart problems.

Causes for Early Discharge of Semen

Personal Reasons:

1. Maintaining multiple relationships at a time, leads to poor performance due to guilt.

2. Indulging in constant self play leave several young men completely drained. Such people cannot hold long during lovemaking.

3. Men who develop unrealistic expectations watching porn fantasize so much to the extent they are not able to concentrate properly during lovemaking.

4. Middle age men nearing andropause experience this problem suddenly, due to severe hormonal changes in their body.

Social Causes:

1. Peer pressure leading to alcohol addiction or smoking addiction takes a toll on men’s health, resulting in early discharge of semen in course of time.

2. Several men do not know how to handle pressure. They react by over eating. This results in obesity leading to diabetics and a long list of health related issues including premature ejaculation.

Family Traits:

1. Children bought up in very conservative families with little exposure, still consider sex a taboo. Their mental block of committing a sin prevents them from enjoying the lovemaking completely.

2. Young men, who do not have enough awareness about sex, tend to discharge semen quite early. They will learn to control themselves in course of time.

Medical Causes:

Nervous disorders, hormonal disorders, Parkinson’s disease, STD’s and low stamina are the medical causes for early discharge of semen. Most of them are completely curable through continuous treatment and psychological therapies. Physicians also suggest alternative sources like regular massages and hobby indulgence for stress release.

Symptoms of Early Discharge of Semen

1. Over sensitivity in the reproductive organs
2. Immense stress and anxiety combined with heightened heart palpitation
3. Sudden increase in craving to release rather than complete lovemaking
4. Increased watery pre cum ejection before early discharge of semen
5. Lack of sleep or very disturbed sleep
6. Very weak body and mind resulting in poor concentration and ultimate exhaustion
7. Weakness in erection. Reduced time of strong erection.

Techniques to Overcome Early Discharge of Semen

1. Building the general body immunity by taking nutritious diet.
2. Indulging in breathing practices to bring down anxiety.
3. Using condoms while during using foreplay to avoid over sensitivity in male organ.
4. Practicing Kegel exercises to make the pelvic muscles flexible and avoid early discharge of semen.
5. Using antidepressants like Clomipramine (Anafranil) temporarily, to delay the orgasm.
6. Allow your partner to control the ejaculation by squeezing or pressing the male organ head where it joins the shaft. Make them do the same whenever you feel like ejaculating prematurely. The partner can allow you to ejaculate when they are completely satisfied. This is a simple technique which will benefit both the male and the female.

Men can overcome the early discharge of semen problems quite easily, if they decide to stay calm and play cool.

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