Early Ejaculation Causes, Symptoms And Herbal Products To Cure This Problem

Biological reasons for early ejaculation

Early ejaculation, premature ejaculation, preemie or whatever name you call it, spurting before the required time is a common problem faced by millions of men all over the world. There are several physical, mental and genetic reasons for the same. Ignoring the problem constantly might lead to serious disorders in course of time. Several surveys suggest gradual increase in early ejaculation might be a symptom of coronary heart disease.

Different causes for early ejaculation

Young men: Premature ejaculations in young men occur mainly due to excess alcohol consumption. If the problem persists even when they are normal, they might have hormonal malfunctions like thyroid problem. It is better to check before it is too late.

Middle aged men: Obesity and lack of physical activities are the major reasons for occurrence of this problem in middle age men. The pelvic muscles lose their flexibility to control the semen, due to excess body weight and very little exercise. This combined with Andropause hormonal changes result in early ejaculation. A diabetic check is a must for such people.

Genetic factors: Some men are simply designed to release quickly. Their body is genetically programmed to do so. There wouldn’t be much use in treating them. Checking their family history and previous medical records will enable the physician to determine the same. Such people are taught alternative techniques to stimulate the female. They are advised to penetrate when she is nearing climax.

Glandular issues: Urinary problems and prostate gland disorders also cause early ejaculation. If a normally functioning man is experiencing sudden problem in controlling his semen, his urethra might be affected due to some infection. Consulting the physician after two to three quick accidents is advisable. Prostrate disorders and urethral problems are best cured if detected early.

Trauma recovery: Men recovering from personal trauma like business loss, death of loved ones or severe accidents tend to ejaculate early during their recovery phase. It is a temporary problem which can be cured through simple medications and breathing exercises.

Symptoms of early ejaculation due to biological reasons

1. Sudden increase in weight and inability to control urine will result in immense stress.

2. Partial erection and unable to stay erect for a long time are symptoms of hormonal disorders. You will ejaculate involuntarily while still trying to get erect.

3. Sudden increase in palpitation of heart than usual and panic will make you ejaculate much before than you desire.

4. Occurrence of cramps and stark pain in the pelvis or testicles will cause early uncontrollable ejaculation.

5. The male organ will feel extraordinarily sensitive, causing immediate and early ejaculation.

If you are a normal man experiencing any of these symptoms recently, try regaining your capability to control ejaculation for a few days. If the problem seems to go out of hand question yourself regarding the recent changes in your life. Early ejaculation is a common side effect of several common medications we take. You can try taking alternate medicines to solve this sexual health issue. Herbal remedies are very effective in treating the problem of early ejaculation. Lawax and Vital M-40 capsules are breakthrough herbal products specifically designed to help men perform better and longer in bed.

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