Economical and Robust Data Protection with HP DAT-160 Backup Tape Solution

In the new interconnected business world, vast amount of data is constantly being produced, compiled, modified and exchanged. The truth is that this precious information is vulnerable to threats such as software bugs, hardware malfunctions, viruses, human errors and natural disasters that can wipe out all of your data assets. Therefore, the best optimal solution is to create data backups, and then move it off-site. Backup tape media technology does the job better than any other data storage medium.

DAT (digital audio tape) is the most prolific of all backup tape formats, and is widely used in modern data centers, public organizations, SMB segment, financial organizations and complex server environments. Good news is that HP, a global technical leader, is committed to support this high-performance DAT tape format for years to come.

HP is a leading brand, trusted by the IT managers for protection of their mission-critical data and sensitive business documents. HP DAT-160 (sixth generation of DAT tape) solution provides cost effective, reliable and high-speed backups for demanding workgroups and storage-intensive enterprises. HP DAT-160 tape solution combines higher recording performance with affordability, making it an ideal storage medium for budget-constrained backup environments. HP DAT160 tape devices ensure low ongoing ownership cost and unparalleled performance with the leading servers and high-demanding data centers. HP DAT160 tape drive ensures seamless backup operations at a higher rate of 50 GB/hour. HP has extended the media capacity of DAT-160 tape cartridge to 80GB / 160GB.

HP DAT-160 tape products are precision-engineered to fit the 21st century I.T environments and leading operating systems. Outstanding performance and quality of HP backup media devices provide users the confidence that their valuable data is safe.

HP offers widest portfolio of data storage solutions. That’s why HP has the right solution for all types of backup environments. HP’s foremost backup media formats are AIT tape, SDLT tape, RDX disk cartridge, DLT tape, LTO ultrium and SLR-MLR tape.

Industry’s best selling DAT160 tape brands are IBM, Maxell, Quantum, Sony, TDK and Imation. Their respective part numbers are 23R5635, 230010, MR-D6MQN-01, DGDAT160, 27822 and 26837. All of these DAT-160 backup tapes are built on industry standards, and offer all technical specifications of DAT-160 format.

Host connectivity interfaces offered by HP DAT160 drive are ultra-SCSI and USB 2.0. HP has designed a variety of DAT-160 drive models including rack-mount, internal and external. You can be assured of exceptional compatibility with broadest range of servers and backup software.

I have more good news for the budget-conscious customers, the previous two versions, DDS4 & DDS5 (DAT-72) are also compatible with DAT160 drives. Furthermore, the solid DAT roadmap provides customers a pain-free, smooth and economical up-gradation path.

HP DAT160 drives provide dependable data storage and restoration at a remarkable MTBF of 1 million (at 12 percent duty cycle). HP DAT160 tape drives can be easily deployed in rack-mount kits and workstations. That is why HP DAT160 has become the users’ first choice for storage and management of voluminous data amounts.

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Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets HP DAT-160 tape and RDX disk cartridge. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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