Electrical Discharge Mining

EDM which is known as electrical discharge mining is a technique that is used for cutting and joining different hard metals and various other things. The can also be used to cut wires and dig holes. The major use of this machine is to convert your design into something that is tangible. The process of this EDM machine is not very complex. The machine has an electrode that is used to produce an electrical spark when it comes in contact with a work piece. The spark and its large intensity can be seen with the naked eye. As the function of this machine is to join or separate different heavy and strong metals so this is made possible because the electrical spark that this machines produces provides extreme heat that it melts and joins the parts. As discussed earlier that there are many uses of this machine there are also many types of this machine. An EDM machine that is known as wire electrical discharge mining machine is one in which the spark takes place within dielectric of de-ionized water.

In this process water is used as a cooling agent in order to cool down the surface because tremendous amount of heat is generated and this may cause many things to burn is water is not used. All this process should be controlled properly in order to prevent any kind of danger or loss. The wire used in wire EDM is metallic in nature. It is considered a good practice that before starting the process dig a hole in the work piece. Start from one edge of the work piece and move along. You will see that the metallic wire places black spots on the work piece; these are because of the heat that is generated. The metal that is used for making this wire is either brass or copper. At the end of the process when the work piece is ready a part will get rough because of the heat. I have discussed with you one of the most important type of electrical discharge mining machine that is the wire EDM. There are many other EDM machines which includes sinker EDM, small hole EDM and precision machines.

These different types have slightly different functions. Sinker EDM machining also uses a spark to generate heat and the aim is to machine blind cavities. This machine also uses an electrode to produce spark. Moreover the small hole EDM machine is used for drilling the hard surfaces which can not be drilled easily by the regular drill machines. The working of these machines is different from the regular drill machines. These machines are capable of drilling holes in electrical conductive materials no matter how hard the surface or metal is. The last type of this machine that I will discuss with you is the most popular type of EDM machine as it is related with the designs of different things. What this machine is responsible is that it converts the designs into realities by joining several parts and making an object or machine.

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