Engineering wood flooring

Wood floors have always been the vital status and style approach. Around the world they have been recognized as the superior material for flooring but until now they were difficult to maintain. Knowledge experience and technical know now into flooring. Heat treatment is a relatively new way of processing wood. The difference from an ordinary wooden floor is first and foremost the look. By heating up light and well known wood species like birch, ash and oak, the color is darkened and gives the wood a completely different exciting edge of exotic darkness. This classic dark wood floor will make a great contrast to the light and are setting of most modern homes. You also get protection against rot and fungi and your floor is re sand able up to several times. Engineering wood flooring consists of a real wood veneer top layer that provide the look and end of the floor, bonded to multiple plywood backing layers which add strength and stability.

Engineered wood floors are mostly more steady than solid wood floors, are indistinguishable from solid once laid, and are easier to lay for the average DIY person. Solid wood flooring is created, as the name suggests, from a solid piece of timber that is cut from a tree, milled and kiln dried and then finished with one of a variety of ways. Solid wood is well-thought-out the premium choice of real wood floors, and although more sensitive to moisture and temperature levels, if laid correctly will last for hundreds of years. Laminate flooring looks like wood flooring but is in fact made from a type of fibre board topped with a photo of wood and a protective wear layer. It is a great budget alternative to real wood, offering easy installation, and good durability and hard to beat value for money. Vinyl flooring is an extremely durable floor covering that is hard wearing, water resistant and great withstanding everyday spills and stains that could potentially ruin a wood or laminate floor. Vinyl floors are available in a huge variety of effects, from tile effect vinyl flooring to wood effect vinyl flooring and even metal and other effects.

Vinyl flooring is although considered tough, scratch resistant, waterproof and long lasting, while also being one of the least expensive flooring types. It is ideal for use in wetter rooms like the bathroom and kitchen. Vinyl floors are available in a wide range of styles and designs. Real wood floor is a thing of beauty and can come in many variety, with different styles, finishes, patterns and materials, meaning there should be something for every taste. Such floors can also come in solid wood and engineered wood types, which offer different attributes and will suit different situations. Oak flooring is one of the more popular types of wood in this range, bamboo flooring, is a new age hardwood that many people are using, it is a greener more sustainable option that also provides some different qualities to normal wood, it is moisture resistant but is very durable like other hardwoods.

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