Entertain with 5 minutes

        Do you believe that with only 2-5 minutes, you can both decrease stress and get more fun? It will become true if you choose simple and easy games to play for entertainment.

        You can choose kinds of games following your interests, however, dress game is one of ideal options. You can search from Google some games for girls or boys to find simple and fun games; or some people like math games because of its high intellectual. But be careful when you want to use math games for decreasing stress. In this case, you should choose some easy and fun subtypes and it doesn’t require you think too much.

        Back to dress up games, a lot of kids and teenagers choose it because of its usefulness and its time of playing. Besides, this kinds of games include numerous subtypes to make players at every age satisfied. Some games for girls are Barbie, doll, couple dress up, etc. Boys may choose boy dress up, action or puzzle games. Especially, these games take a little of your time. If you don’t have much time, as I said above, if you have only 2-5 minutes, you should select one game to play. Currently, there are a lot of websites supplying this kind of games so it is not difficult for you to find it through Google search.

        Besides, many people choose cooking games or decorating room games to entertain and get more advantages from them. For example, you can know how to cook some food for your family from easy dishes to special dishes. Whereas, décor games will help you decorate and arrange the furniture in your house wonderfully. In addition, you can find new fashion trend through dress up games. It is updated regularly new styles from all over the world or from famous fashion designers. It will make you feel exciting and want to play more games in order to discover the new and strange things of each game.

        Another way to reduce your stress is listening to music but you should not choose bad songs because it will make you more tired and boring. Also, you can go for a walk about 5 minutes and breathe fresh atmosphere to get stronger mind. Or you can spend 5 minutes on watching some funny Youtube videos. Some funny short stories also make you laugh and feel better. Besides, you should enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate, its warmth will reduce stress and help you to calm down. Eating something is also a good choice for you but you should not eat fat food or food brings too much sweet. It is not good for your health and it can make you anger. Seeing clouds or sunset or send message to friends are some ways used.

        Finally, when you get troubles, firstly, you should calm down and think about something that make you feel better or fun. Playing online game, listening to music or walking are popular ways to reduce stress. Try better to control your temper and enjoy your life funnily and positively.

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