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“Junk Fortress Besieged” is to make every city managers are very troublesome , but not open around the difficult problems , the number of traditional processing construction waste landfill has been far behind the growth in the amount of urban construction waste . However, in Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province , people witnessed a total investment of the province’s first production line of 107 million yuan of construction waste to put garbage into recycling waste into treasure and then the whole process , so that ” misplaced resource ” – construction waste found his best destination. We learned : This production line is mainly construction waste figure there ‘s a lot of mobile crushing station .stone crusher equipment indonesia

Making traditional landfill construction waste hazard increases every year more and more . “In the past we have here are two specialized construction landfill, 11 kilometers from the urban area around , but inevitably some people came under the cloak dumping of construction waste, not only destroyed the wonderful urban environment , but also to bring the very garbage workers large workload . ” recalling construction waste recycling achieved before the scene, managing director of the city’s urban demolition and renovation of the center said, shaking his head. He also said that with the increase of promoting urban construction, demolition area of Xiaoyi City construction waste increased from 30, 40 million cubic meters every year, to 100 million cubic meters in 2012 , the first half of 2013 reached 70 million cubic meters , this is a very large number. Before the city for construction waste is usually buried in a simple , stockpiling and other measures , such an extensive way , serious encroachment of land , and air , water and other pollution produced great and could easily trigger landslides and other geological disasters .manganese ore processing

How to deal with construction waste has become an important juncture in each city must break on the road to sustainable development , if development and production of new building materials in urban waste , construction waste can be an effective solution to the siege , garbage removal and pollution of the environment and other issues, for the urban environment construction “burden decompression .”

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Into located in Xiaoyi City hi-tech industrial park construction waste recycling Limited , “limited resources , infinite loop , recycling , the country ” slogan eye-catching. Company responsible person , ” only in terms of our city , not roads, bridges and other concrete demolition waste , construction waste a year have 70 to 800,000 tons , the company used brick construction waste , the annual waste disposal 120 tons, this way, construction waste can achieve in-situ treatment and zero emissions , which saves farmland , and protect the environment . “

In the construction waste disposal center, through processing, can be turned into a variety of environmentally friendly pavers , wall tiles, bricks and river revetment dry mortar , foam concrete and other building materials , turning waste into treasure . Construction waste as the province ‘s first ” renewable ” production line , the total investment of 107 million yuan , the provincial and municipal restructuring comprehensive reform of key projects , the use of advanced production lines and automatic intelligent brick crushing system sorting line equipment , the use of ordinary Dutch brick construction waste production , permeable bricks, blocks regeneration of various water permeability , dry mortar , foam concrete, strong, a good moisturizing effect environmentally friendly construction materials . It is understood that the production line can produce 50,000 bricks a day, with an annual output of up to 30 million .

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Reporters saw at the factory , a truck from the waste concrete crushing processed into recycled coarse aggregate , workers back into the groove , picking through the sieve becomes crushed fine aggregate , and these fine aggregate , but also through the automatic transmission system into concrete mixer head , stirring, two-way hydraulic forming, automatic filling , automatic ejection , high temperature curing , packaging, palletizing …… a block of Dutch bricks, permeable bricks, blocks regeneration has officially arrived. Turning to the production process production line , the official told reporters , ” Conservation of quick-drying kilns use steam to make bricks , tiles from the garbage to the finished product requires only eight hours . More importantly , before the traditional brick friable and slippery, thanks automatic intelligent production line , water ratio is more accurate, pavers produced not only has the red, green and other colorful appearance, but more absorbent , the friction coefficient increases , especially in the rainy little water infiltration can , to a great extent the protection of the groundwater resources of the city.

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