Excessive Male Masturbation Can Cause Loss Of Penile Sensation

Masturbation is a part of healthy sex life for both men and women, which also helps them to understand their sexuality. But in case of males, excessive masturbation may lead to loss of penile sensation and sensitivity. This kind of problem may lead to decline in sexual performance which can also result in mental stress.

The loss of penile sensation occurs due to damage of tiny nerves and capillaries present in the skin of male genital organ. It may also lead to thickening and hardening of the skin of the male genital organ which results in less penile sensation. There are some treatments available which can help to overcome this problem which are as follows:

1. Shilajit: It is a mixture of herbs, metals like silver, gold iron etc. and 85 different kinds of minerals. It has many types of health benefits in which increment in male sexual power is the major one. It is sometimes referred to as Indian Viagra. Shilajit has a large impact on treating the loss of penile sensation as it contains many exotic herbs and minerals which repair the damaged tiny nerves and capillaries present in the skin of male genital organ.

2. NF Cure: NF cure capsules are purely made up of exotic herbs which help in coping up with problems like seminal leakage, erectile dysfunction, weak erection, loss of penile sensation, night fall, weakness in nerves etc. If NF cure is taken in combination with Shilajit, the effects in treatment of loss of penile sensation is rapid. It should be taken for at least 3-4 months for long term effects. As this is herbal composition there is absolutely no side effect at all. Healthy diet, drinking of adequate amount of water and proper sleep may help in recovering in less time.

3. Mast Mood Oil: It is a herbal oil composed of safed gunja, kaner root, butter oil and sudh maal which has no side effects at all. It should be applied on the male genital organ once or twice a day by massaging. The oil helps in repairing the damaged tiny nerves and capillaries present in the skin of male genital organ which reconstitutes the sensation and sensitivity. Other sexual problems like erectile dysfunction; small male organ etc. can also be treated with the oil. For good and long term effects the application of this oil should be continued for at least for 2-3 months.

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