Factors affecting efficient crushing machine production capacity

Efficient crushing machine is broken and one production line sand production line equipment used, but also indispensable equipment and mining machinery . Efficient crushing machine mainly used for medium-sized cement plant crushing cement raw material , clinker for cement plant transformation or new cement production line provides an ideal crushing equipment , but also for iron ore , sandstone , gypsum , blast furnace slag , coal other medium hard ore gangue , lump coal and other crushing , high crushing machine with crushing ratio, low energy consumption , stable operation, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance.

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Factors affecting the efficient then crushing machine production capacity are those who do ?

First, the nature of production materials , including raw material hardness components , materials , and the viscosity of the material , the material ‘s moisture content , particle size and fineness of the products of the requirements and so on. The higher the hardness of the materials needed for the broken , the greater the crushing difficulty of the work , the ability to reduce fragmentation , progress slowed breaking work , the longer the material stays in the device time , wear and tear on the equipment , the higher the consumption , so relatively speaking , low hardness material crushing efficiency is higher than the hardness of the material large , production is also higher. In crushing production line , production materials are unsure if you can try to choose those brittleness , hardness of the material, progress and improve product yield easily broken . copper slag processing equipment

Second, the impact of the high viscosity of the material crushed in the crushing machine , the greater the viscosity of the raw material in the production process, more easily adhered to the end of the feed conveyor , into the crushing chamber machine machine crushing machine easily adhered to the inner member , side effects of the conveyor feeding, crushing chamber adhesion matter if it can not be cleared up , can affect the normal operation of efficient crushing machine , therefore, for high viscosity materials approach to be taken to reduce its viscosity.

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Third, the impact on the composition of the material breaking work at a high- crushing machine into the sand content of the material , the more the amount of powder , the more easily adhere to the normal conveyor conveying the material in the course of transmission , the material is formed on the conveyor blocked and broken material into the cavity without continuous supply crushing machine idling or materials not uniformly continuous crushing machine load increases, production has not increased. Therefore, understanding the amount and fineness of the raw material containing powder, the powder -containing materials can be added to a multi- step screening before the crushing operation to reduce the material in the powder material .

Fourth, the moisture content of the material productive and efficient crushing machines also have an impact , when the production of materials containing a large quantity of water , the material in the crushing machine is easy to form adhesion phenomena , while causing obstruction to the process of feeding and nesting reduce the crushing capacity , the humidity of materials , you can take certain means of a change of control of its water content, such as the use of equipment or dryer to dry naturally sun dried and ways to reduce the humidity of materials, and then crushing operations.

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