Fast Growing Business Enterprises Prefer HP DDS 5 (DAT-72) Backup Tape Technology

There are a number of threats (e.g. system errors, unauthorized access, natural disasters, virus, hackers) that can erase or effect the data integrity. So, what would you do if your data is completely lost or damaged? The answer is simple; restore it from the backup data. But if there isn’t any backup data, then you might even lose your entire business. Over the past two decade, DDS (Digital Data Storage) has been the best economical tape-based backup system for SMBs. DDS tape format facilitates the IT staff to backup and archive huge data amounts at a low operating cost per GB, while delivering superior data security and a seamless growth path.

HP Hewlett-Packard has been the market leader in DDS tape industry since its introduction. HP’s fifth generation DAT-72, also known as DDS 5, is ideal for un-attended backups. In addition, HP DAT 72 tape system can be confidently installed in small networks, high end workstations and medium enterprises. HP DAT-72 tape has the ability to retain higher data volume of 36 GB / 72 GB, which is almost twice as that of DDS3 tape’s storage capacity. Exceptional compactness of HP DDS5 cartridge, part number C8010A, saves more shelf space and reduces the data set needed to create backup of voluminous business-critical data.

HP DAT-72 tape drive family offers an exceptional range of internal & external drives featuring the USB and SCSI host interfaces. So the users can flexibly integrate the HP DDS5 system with a variety of computing environments. It takes less than one minute to install the USB DAT-72 drive. Backup rate of HP DDS5 tape drives accelerates to 23GB/hour in compressed mode. That is why the large enterprises also prefer HP DAT-72 technology for loading software on their servers and also creating backup of operating system.

Debris starts to accumulate around the drive head due to media deterioration, which can result in read/write errors. This can be prevented by using cleaning cartridge. The tape drive should be cleaned after every 25 working hours. HP C5709A, DDS cleaning cartridge is intelligently designed to deliver up to 50 cleans. Part numbers of other branded DDS cleaning cartridges are 45382 (Imation), 21F8763 (IBM), DGD15CL (Sony), 186990 (Maxell), C8015A (HP) and CDMCL-MR-DUCQN-01 (Quantum).

The tests conducted by HP on DDS media tapes are more exhaustive than other tape manufacturing companies. Robust coating is applied to the tape medium, which optimizes the performance, reduces tape friction and protects the stored data for longer time durations against airborne contaminants. So you can be assured of unmatched storage/retrieval reliability and superior operating efficiency. Working life of HP DAT-72 tape exceeds 2000 passes.

As the storage needs continue to increase rapidly, the scalable DDS roadmap will allow you to overcome these objectives with minimal investment. Moreover, the backward compatibility will facilitate the companies to utilize their previous generation tapes. HP DAT-72 drives and media deliver the speed and performance to enhance staff productivity and compete successfully against rival companies.

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Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets C8015A and 45382. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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