fine crushing equipment

fine comminution is a solid matter is crushed into a diameter less than 10 μ m (300 mesh) high-tech powder technology, has the advantages of fast speed, time is short, fine particle size, uniform distribution, raw material saving etc. Grain size larger than 1 μ m powder called “powder”, a fine powder and particle diameter is less than 1 μ m called “ultra fine”; and still others, particle size less than 0.1 μ m powder can be called “fine particles”. Some people think that the key of fine classification is the particle dispersion, while the internal cause dispersion is a lack of awareness of particles. The author thinks, surface classification of fine particles must first know the fine crushing equipment of energy and its distribution. The fine particle grading of dry classification in gas phase. fine particles in the gas phase due to the Brown motion of particles, fluid velocity, turbulence and 160dB above the sound waves to particle collisions and appressorium formation of condensation.

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