Five Methods to Increase Output of Ore Beneficiation Equipment

As we all know, the ore dressing equipment includes shaking table concentrator, gravity chute separator, magnetic separator machine, flotation concentrator, classifer, mixing barrel and so on. There are a variety of factors influencing iron ore beneficiation, for example its type and parameter.

After a lot of market research, there are usually two ways to investigate the preparation equipment mechanical ability. One way is from the aspect of process capability. We can observe the products” quality to measure if there is something wrong. The other way is to measure directly according to the related standards of mining equipment; for example, we can measure the concentricity of bearing, parallelism of guide rail, vertical degree of axis, gear backlash and hitting power of the machine.

Ore beneficiation equipment mechanical ability is an important standard of measuring equipment processing capacity, also a standard to measure if the mineral processing equipment can meet the quality requirements of the indicators. All manufacturers pay special attention to that how to improve the production of iron ore beneficiation equipment, so the experts of Hongxing Machinery share with you some methods to increase its preparation output.

1. Improve its structure and classifier circulation rate.

2. Change the transmission equipment and improve the transmission capacity.

3. Strengthen the ventilation of ball mill and reduce the over grinding phenomenon of material. We can add a self-made blowing and ventilation device to solve the over grinding phenomenon of material and improve the products quality.

4. Shrink the particle size of materials to be grinded and lower their moisture content. The biggest particle is less than 15mm. the space of article sieve of hammer crusher is 10-12mm, which guarantees the even granularity of materials.

5. Strengthen the management of grinding machine and improve the grinding ability. The grinding body of dry ball mill is commonly divided into two kinds: one is round steel ball type, which is mainly used to crush materials. The other type is steel section, which is used to grind material.

Since its inception, shaking table has been widely recognized and trusted by customers, which creates enormous economic benefit for enterprises. Hongxing Machinery is the manufacturer that always make customers reliable and rest assured. For many years, Hongxing Machinery adheres to the principle of using technological progress to ensure quality enhancement of products, which brings real benefits to customers and realizes win-win situation between customers and company. For more information about our products, please sent us emails to, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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