Fixtures and Retail Stores Must-Haves

The key to creating an appropriate environment where customers can easily browse merchandise is to find the right fixtures for your store. You need to showcase your product while at the same time maximizing floor space. Although the needs of any two retail establishments can be very different, there are some must-have store fixtures that would benefit most any type of store. Round racks are often called the “work horse” of retail store fixtures. Round racks are an effective way to organize hanging goods. Don’t forget also, these racks will also optimize your valuable floor space. Excellent racks have adjustable height features to accommodate for oversized items. Folding racks are obtainable as well, allowing you put more goods on the floor during peak seasons and easily store the racks in the back room when not in use. When researching these must-have fixtures, don’t forget other must-have accessories such as size wood-toppers or wire racks to cross-sell matching accessories that can not be hung. Plastic size rings can also be a preferred add-on to round racks. Z racks have always been a standard inside the retail industry. Capable of holding 150 – 400 pounds, the sturdy z rack should help hold your inventory while keeping items wrinkle free. Wheels also would be helpful in that your able to move the racks where needed while still being able to lock the wheels in place creating a stationary rack. This enables you to quickly and easily move product on the sales floor for a special promotion or event. Consider a moving rack placed near a fitting room, where your able to move around the store replacing the goods back to its proper place. Very often these racks are space savers when meant to be able to be kept in a stacked or nested manner. Z racks have different accessories designed for maximum selling potential. For instance, extension rods can be placed on either or both sides of the top bar in order to double or perhaps triple the load capacity. You might find this a necessity during peak seasons when you carry more inventory. Nesting tables is also must-have retail fixtures. They may instantly give a more upscale look to your retail establishment, specially those that are composed of wood. Nesting tables provides a display space for merchandise that generally aren’t hung. Another advantage of nesting tables is they provide more visibility to products than standard shelves do. Shoppers will see the selection at a glance without bending down to discover what is on the shelves below. Of course, no store would be complete without a cash wrap and register stand. With many options and styles to choose from, purchasing something that will provide you with maximum versatility will be helpful in the long run. The different options could be shelves that side, pegs for simple hanging as well as many other features. Either way, cash wraps give sales clerks a final opportunity to add to the amount of the transaction with small, impulse-type buys. Additionally they provide a place to prominently display gift cards, gift wrap services and other final items. Fixtures can be found in so many styles, colors and sizes for any retail space, that there should never be a problem matching the needs of the store as well as the decor.

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