Flat love

Flat love

She is from the village to the girls, not because of the hardships of life and face and feet down. She is beautiful, I love. She has a lot of double summer shoes, are their own doing, worn-out soles, bought a bright or gloomy thread, sometimes with a slender, wiry grass, skillfully weaving all kinds of tricks, a pair of elegant without losing the charm of smart shoes, and so on. Her feet. She was the only girl to wear flat bottom shoe only, he found, she is the most know how beautiful woman. She wanted to run his tuition, but she never forgot the fresh wonderful life, this just is a woman the most lovely place.

She always respect his parents, even though they don’t like cheap supra shoes the poor girl, she did not understand fashion, does not understand the scheming, is an ordinary girl, assistant will not give their son any. But, more so that they can not endure, she had to make money, go to a mall shoes before the counter, to be a “foot model”. Traditional family, is only willing to let a person to look upward, like her, willing to the low vision, even if only to his friends, is not allowed.

She has no excuse, no complaining. She just love him, love him, just as he loved her. Not much money herself, she is willing to use most, buy a white shirt for him, she said: “no matter what life gives you the bleak and grievances, to let their clear. In this way, a heart, will bravely.”

At first, he is immersed in the love passion, think she is good. However, the daily buy supra shoes listening to parents blame him, that this is not a dead girl, how can it? First from the foot of it all, there are more people disdain. His heart, or slightly. Finally one day, he handed to let her not to do the leg model, otherwise, they only broke up. She bent over to a shy and open flowers, inserted in the straw shoes, and debris between the toes flick, this light say with smile: “the foot can be noble, they are sometimes more than hand also proud and worthy of respect.” He doesn’t know what she meant, but see her eyes, she will not for whom change yourself.

They parted.

Two years of love, grief is not always from the bottom of his heart lost. He tried to fall in love with another woman, but every time I see their feet bound in the delicate but oppression of the high-heeled shoes, hear them in the cement on the ground, over the hollow sound, then suddenly feel heart depressed, there is no way to keep walking in the way of love.

So, until one year, his parents because major mistakes in work, dismissal from office. He had to in order to life, in addition to a busy work and part-time, do a company clerk. Every day to run around, a pair of feet, soon can not afford such a rush. Night, took off his shoes, found that the feet blistered. He added feet carefully, and with great care to massage. Then a sense of sadness, so swept through. Suddenly he remembered her words, remember she said, in fact, the foot is sometimes more than hand will let people respect and trust. The old place Caowu.Cn

Originally, this is really. The only true love and life, will let the feet, free to walk on the supra high tops ground, given the strong most persistent footsteps. And those who are not flat road, is the only way of the feet, can be relaxed and strong to come to an end. Flat love, so the most appropriate and peace of mind, noble and dignified. But his vanity, missed the green grass as “flexible love.

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