Flights to Antananarivo- Madagascar

The city of Antananarivo is situated in the center of the island lengthwise and 145 km away from the eastern coast. The city of Antananarivo occupies a commanding position, as it is being built on the summit and slopes of long and narrow rocky ridges. Antananarivo city is the largest city in Madagascar and its administrative, communications and economic center, The city is located west southwest of Toamasina, the principal seaport of the island, with which it is connected by railway, and along the coastal lagoons. Several popular airlines fly into Antananarivo Airport including Air France, Kenya Airlines and many others. At the moment ten airlines operate out of Antananarivo Airport. The Antananarivo airport offers flights to 230 cities. Every week, at least 154 domestic flights and 175 international flights depart from Antananarivo Airport. Many air travel service providers offer cheap flights to Antananarivo all the year especially for people during their vacations.

The Antananarivo city is built on a narrow, rocky ridge the city occupies a strategic point at the center of the island of Madagascar, making it an attraction for tourists from all around the world. Two forts are located on the east and southwestern side of the city. Within the limits of the city are located the royal palaces, embassies and some fifty churches and a mosque. The city’s most distinguishing features are the burnt out remains of the Rova, or Queen’s Palace situated on a prominent hill. The steep alleys and the stairways of Antananarivo, makes the Antananarivo city a challenging but rewarding city to explore on foot. The airline provides cheap flights to the Antananarivo from London. The price of the airlines starts from 177 pounds onwards making it affordable for the people to travel to the city to spend their vacations. The Antananarivo often familiarly referred to by locals and expatriated as Tana, is an attractive city with a distinctly French feel. This lively city is favored more and more by the young and, yet, in many ways it harps back to its colonial past.

This is most obviously shown in the city’s mixture of architecture, which reflects both modern and traditional ways of life. Of, interest the city of Antananarivo is surrounded by 12 scared hills. The city is located in the Indian Ocean, making the city very unique then other cities, with its baobab trees, orchids, record breaking chameleons, beautiful waterfalls and interesting locals. That is the reason for many air service providers offer cheap flights to the city. Now days, due to the Olympic season in the city of London, the availability of the flights from London to Antananarivo are very difficult. People did their reservations months before for traveling to Antananarivo. The tourists coming to the city of Antananarivo come to this destination for the purpose of relaxing in the sun, others are keen to find out more about Madagascar’s rich history, visiting tourist and attractions and experiencing cultural traditions. The city offers good attractions, including ancient historical sites and local markets. Madagascar beaches are a center of attraction for many of the tourists.

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