Flights to Malawi – Lilongwe

The Lilongwe city primarily established as a small village situated on the banks of the Lilongwe River, and became a British colonial Administrative centre at the beginning of the 20th century. Lilongwe is the second largest city in Malawi after Blantyre because of its location on the main north south route through the country and the road to Northern Rhodesia which is now known as Zomba. Lilongwe is the political centre of Malawi, therefore all parliament members are required to spend time in the capital. Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe serves as the main airport for the national and international flights and air travels. A number of air travel service providers are offering cheap flight to Lilongwe. The flights to Lilongwe are available every seven days a week. The airport is located 30 to 40 minutes drive from the north of town. An international departure tax is charged to all passengers with foreign passport and the locals, which is included in the airline ticket. For neighboring countries.

There are flights both to capital Lusaka and safari destination. There are two main chartered companies for air services including Nyassa Air Taxi and Executive Air Charters. The city is divided into the Old Town which is located to the South and the New town which is located to the North, with the Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary between the two towns. The New City is also known as the center or capital city and the old town is built around the former village of Lilongwe. Tourists from around the world visit the old town for building stores, markets, cafe’s, hotels and restaurant. The New Town is known for its houses embassies, international aid organizations, and corporate headquarters. The city is made into a very western city by its large population and a perfect rest point area for tired travelers to relax and pick up some essentials for their trip to the country’s wildlife reserves or to the beaches of the Lake Malawi. Keeping in mind the attractions for the tourists and their needs to travel during.

Their vacations, many airline service providers are offering cheap flight to the city of Lilongwe during the vacation seasons. The city is the tourists’ choice during the summer seasons because of the beaches and wild life attractions that the city has been offering to the people coming there. Visitors from and in London, are finding difficulties in finding reservations and flights to Lilongwe from London due to the current Olympic seasons. Keeping in view this season, many tourists and visitors confirmed their reservations done months before the Olympic seasons in order to avoid facing any problems during this season. With so much to offer, the Lilongwe city has been the focal point of attraction for many of the tourists around the world. The city offers beautiful sites for nature lovers, beaches for the beach lovers and also offers places for the wild life lovers to enjoy their vacations by being close to nature. If one plans to visit the city, one should have prior reservations done for the timely flights to Lilongwe.

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