Four weight loss secrets make you thinner

Weight loss secrets: only when hungry to eat

You must hold to eat only when hungry. You might feel when hungry stomach pain, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, etc., it will tell you it has been a long didn’t eat for a period of time. And how much you didn’t eat all day today.

Weight loss secrets: know what to eat

Today Shanghai net here recommend to you to lose weight is calories standard, applicable to any act normal healthy people, the premise is no diseases affect the normal body weight increase and decrease. As is known to all, everyone has everyone’s way of life, everyone’s different way of life, not to mention everyone’s height and weight, Daidaihua  sure is one thousand thousand. So the following data is only a reference value about: men 2500 calorie per day on average, women calories a day on average 2000 calories.

Weight loss secrets: know what you’re eating

Ah, but I hate it when it comes to eating for the calories matter oh. Is not I want to mention this chi! Anyway, I still here must be admitted that us those annoying good disgust flesh are because of the excessive intake of calories, eating into too much and consume too little. The unnecessary calories if you 3500 calories extra heat can increase 0.5 kilograms of weight. Tell you, according to the statistics, during the holidays, people’s weight can increase an average of 2.5 kilograms. This heat is equivalent to you for five weeks took 500 calories every day. Or the image point again, that heat is equal to two pie.

Weight loss secrets: get off to go one Station Road ahead of time

Walk one of the best way to exercise, and it is the simplest form of exercise, you can do in our daily life, does not need to be looking for special field, and don’t need to take time out specially, not to mention the body wrapped in a professional lycra jerseys. Of course, you can be a bit tougher to oneself, to a “devil’s diet program, but no matter how crazy diet should also grasp certain bottom line. Women of the calories consumed per week minimum may not be less than 1200 calories, men may not be less than 1500 calories, unless you have a doctor’s supervision. If you really want to adopt the masochistic bant (Super Slim weight loss is  recommended), it is better to consult a doctor, because you like to go on a diet is likely to allow yourself to malnutrition, your diet can’t provide all the nutrients you need.

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