Fruta Planta Reduce Weight act through the effect of chitosamine

Chitins in effective fruta planta are health care components.    Eggs, cheese, red meat and chocolate: These foods contain saturated fat. Refined foods: such as pasta and white rice. Alcohol: will liver damage and hinder the body rid itself of toxins and waste. Monday: mushrooms Korea soup Breakfast: 1. Whole wheat the peanuts toast four peanut butter 1 tsp. Cucumber, tomato, tri-color salad rhubarb Guapian, cucumber slices, tomato, 50 g. Diluted orange juice oranges 2  Lunch: 1. Embryo rice rice bowl of the two. Beef spinach: spinach 80 grams, 40 grams of beef, 1 teaspoon of oil.
Chitins in effective fruta planta are able to resist aging.Milk a cup of  Lunch: 1. A bowl of smug face bok cabbage 100 grams of sesame oil 1 teaspoon 2. Wolfberry loofah soup 3. Green onion steamed Eggplant  Dinner: Cucumber Flammulina soup  Way of cooking: 80 grams of gold nail mushroom, mushrooms (dry) 20 g, 100 g cucumber, 100 g of abalone, Hong Dish a little peeled slices of cucumber, abalone mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, cut into strips, add the right amount of seasonings cooked with Flammulina Add some parsley.  Nutritional Note: The milk is rich in vitamins A, B group vitamins and potassium, calcium and minerals.
Sunday: loofah seaweed shoots soup Breakfast: 1. Sweet potato porridge: sweet potatoes, 50 grams, 30 grams of embryo rice 2. Radish dry scrambled eggs: dried radish 20 public G, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of oil. Soft tofu 1/2 4 5 strawberries  Lunch: 1.  Chitins in effective Fruta Planta Reduce Weight act through the effect of chitosamine. Grilled Black Pepper Steak: steak 1 (2 2), black pepper, a little soy sauce 2. Baked potato Potato: Potato 1 butter 1 teaspoon 3. Sesame Shredded Beef: beef 45 g, 1 teaspoon sesame seeds, white vinegar Xu.  Dinner: loofah seaweed, bamboo shoots soup .
Therefore, the consumption of afternoon tea and dinner, the principle is exactly the same. It can help us to maintain the fine Force until the evening, thus making dinner can be a bit light. The condition is tea with dinner as Sweet and salty can choose according to your taste. The principle of afternoon tea is still choose 2-3 kinds of complementary role to ensure a nutritionally balanced food . For example, a cereal with a dairy or a seasonal fruit, of course, there are drinks, preferably water Other drinks. With the booming of science and technology, chitins’ effects in effective fruta planta are becoming evident.
Speaking from the point of view of weight loss, eat whole wheat bread than plain bread, because the same weight, whole wheat bread, plain bread contains more cellulose fiber body not only does not absorb, but also can increase satiety, conducive to weight loss. However, if you want to lose weight, do not eat too much bread because the bread will generally add some butter, vegetable oil, meat floss, margarine, shortening, etc., these things eat a lot most of the weight loss benefits. Recommended to eat whole wheat bread, Big Mac is very concentrated, has a the Rui year brand.Using 2 Days Diet Lingzhi to reduce weight has helped me lose 10 kg. Methionine, cystine in effective fruta planta can improve the secretion of oil.


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