Fruta Planta Weight Loss can also lower the level of Lpo and Mda in human body

At present, TP, paulliniacupapa, sargassum, hawthorn in effective 2 day diet are all effective in combating fat.  Features: celery, and eggplant, the effectiveness of the prevention of hypertension, used for cooking soup is also good.     [33 of the weight loss food - melon corn soup]:  Raw materials: 375 g carrots, 600 g of melon, 2 corn, black mushrooms (soaked) 5, 150 grams of lean meat, 2 ginger, salt to taste  Practices: (1) carrots, peeled and washed, cut into pieces. 2 melon washed, cut into thick blocks.  3 corn clean cut. 4 macerated the mushrooms, remove stalks clean.  5 lean meat, wash clean, boil hot and then washed.
Using herbal effective Original 2 Day Diet to lose weight is a healthy way to lose weight.  So it should be difficult to cut. Before, of course I also like many dieters, used a variety of ways, but the effect is not large, but fortunately I have been advocating a natural and happy way of life, and Mr. and too concerned about my fat whether Therefore, obesity does not cause too much damage in my soul.    But I know that obesity is not conducive to health, is apt to cause various diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, so I want to lose weight for health, this is probably what I do it the starting point is very clear and correct, so it always when I encounter difficulties do not deviate from this direction.
The fourth day, soup, fruit, vegetables, milk and bananas. In addition to the casual soup and eating fruits and vegetables, you can also eat 1 cup of milk and three bananas. Remember: drink milk can not exceed the amount of soup.    Fifth day, soup, beef and tomatoes. In addition to soup, you can eat tomatoes, beef. TP in effective Fruta Planta Weight Loss can also lower the level of Lpo and Mda in human body. Can eat 200 grams of beef, tomatoes, fruit eaten raw, not limited. Asked to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, drink a soup can. Sixth day, beef and leafy vegetables. Beef and vegetables to eat casually, you can also eat two steaks, but can not eat baked potatoes. In addition to drink a soup, be sure to drink plenty of water. What color beans, beans – whether it is very rich in nutrients, beans, and vegetables, but there are protein The meat-like rich. Every ounce of dried beans supply 95 calories, 6 grams of protein (you needed to tenth ), That is if you eat beans, you do not need to eat meat.   Melon – only 30 calories per three and half ounces, the melon is rich in Va and Vv and   Pepper – Whether spicy or sweet, nutritional value, especially with fiber. A green pepper is only 35 calories , But the supply of various vitamins and minerals.   Tomato – meal to eat a medium-sized tomato, useful and not gain weight. Since paullinacupana in effective 2 day diet is an exotic component, it is very popular.
sugar freshly squeezed orange juice Do not think that drinking orange juice than soft drinks beneficial to many, just look at the calories, added sugar, orange juice than soft drinks. Heat even higher in sugar than soft drinks. Even if it is a pure orange juice, a cup with three orange virgin water, 150 Calories, but eat a vitamin B, and therefore less orange cellulose and white orange clothing or eating Original only good fruit.  6 Instant noodles Instant noodles is not only convenient and delicious.

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