Gangs Of Los Angles

More commonly known by the name of ‘LA’ the city of los Angles is like a hub to the whole America in trade, culture, media, entertainment, education and Technology. Los Angles is ranked as the third richest city of the world and is also one of the most influential cities in the US. But the more developed it is the crime rate of the city is subsequently very high sometimes it is also referred to as The US nation’s Gang Capital. Hence Crime, Gangs and gangsters are not new to the city of Los Angles. In the past few years there were more than 23000 various fierce gang crimes in the city. The figures include more than 500 rapes, over 750 homicides, nearly 12000 felony attacks and about 10000 instances of robberies. For the last five years the City of LA has experienced a widespread of violence and crime especially among youth and has been quickly spreading from the internal areas to the suburbs. Previously gangs were only the problem of the inhabitants of all the crime centered neighborhoods where the gangs had their stronghold but nowthey are the problem of everyone.

In the city of Los Angles more than 250 gangs are active and rapidly increasing their operations. Some of these gangs are as old as 40 years old and are running a whole underground mafia in the city. The combined number of individuals in these gangs exceeds over 26000. Like mentioned above the gangs are now everywhere they exist in urban areas and recently in the country sides as well. A major proportion of youth according to statistics over a quarter million are involved in these groups of violence. In LA County side an average of one person dies because of the ferocious acts of these people. It is a regrettable fact that firearms are ready and easily available in the city for these people to buy legally but more through black markets. Moreover the obtainability of drugs and alcohol, leads to many rash and brutal acts of violence. Accordingly, the youth of the city is involved in crimes like pranks, vandalizing, armed robberies and above all murders.

Another issue which is not really highlighted but is of great importance is that the fashions, videos and even the moviesin the country glamourize rebellious and gangster life style of the youth.Gangsjoin in a variety of anti-social activities, including mayhem, sexual attacks, and mutilation to property, theft, murders, and another phenomenon of gang wars which occurs when gangs collide with each other. Gangs are often formedon the basisracial and ethnic lines, but the most major cause of recruitment of youth in these gangs are economic purposes i.e. to get easy money. Behaviors of these gangs differ culturally. For example, Asian gangs go for extortions and home assault robberies, homicides are more common in the Latino gangs, whereas Black gangs mostlydeal over drug trade, people who are unable to pay-offs and other unmet expectations.

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