GHD’s and the difference in there performance

This morning i had to give in and ive had to dig out my old gold classic GHD’s and the difference in there performance is extremely noticeable plus no snagging and no pain or headaches what so ever! These straightners are fabulous I got them to replace my old ghds which i have had for around 4 years.. I was nervous to get them as i kept seeing the odd bad review.. but when they came I was deligh5ed they do exactly as they say.. glide through your hair effortlessly leaving it shiney and straight.. i read on a few review that they had no light.. well mine do the cheap ghd australia on the slide buttons glows Orange and I got mine from the ghd website so i no they are real. maybe the rubbish ones are fake.. but mine are great. i have once again contacted cheap ghd straighteners direct, im not after a straight swap (scarlets for scarlets) im wanting them to exchange my scarlets for the older gold classic pair (no dought at my own cost because the scarlets are far more expensive) but im willing to see if a newer set of gold classics perform as good as my old set, failing this i will be taking it further, its upset my husband because he believed he was paying out all that money because he was buying me the best!

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