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Many > friends jump over setting-up exercise may have had such experience: to jump hold, thin, can be tired to death, the second day work is no spirit, and before long it give up, then again to return to the previous body condition. So don’t simply the result to properly intended as aerobic exercise prescription premise, because the study just measuring average statistics, muscle can candy can 15 minutes depending on each reserves and decide, which once mentioned the fat of the process solution that so-called adipose offer can in aerobic exercise 15 to 20 minutes after the start, just reflects the fat can biochemical reaction time solution, fat does not like muscle candy for the body can be directly can, and this reaction time also depends on each person’s physical terms and conditions. So sport time should be gradual, continuous movement of the time can reflect the body stamina condition, and the improvement of endurance is not likely to pass a double movement to, of course, sports time too short and certainly can’t achieve goal reducing weight, because only the body will produce fatty acid oxidation of energy consumption to further promote the more adipose decompose. And finally achieve the goal that reduce weight. If you want to lose weight quickly then take Fruita Planta pill. So how to solve the problem of problem? I suggest physical bad but more obese friends at first aerobic training, the intermittent DuanLianFa, by the high heart rate (strength) to continue for some time, until you start to feel tired after some relaxation or slowly into slow motion. To keep the rapid heart rate (moderate intensity), until the physical resumed again into high heart rate (high strength), I don’t approve of feel very tired to exercise, it If you want to lose weight quickly then take yoplait diet is exercise will power, but gradual method more beneficial to health, also won’t let you in a tired after motion, unable to face the next day’s work. Adult women’s 800 meters in the men’s 1500 metres and general can meet the requirements of heart rate, the average person in the P.E. class should have such experience. The standard time for 4 ~ 5 minutes respectively with 6 to 7 minutes. It means the medium speed run 6 to 8 kilometers, just can achieve 65% MHR aerobic exercise 30 minutes. All the fruta planta products are directly from the manufacturer so the price is reasonable
I believe that the movement, most of the population has no such physical quality. If forced to fulfill this intensity and time of aerobic exercise, can cause the body fatigue.


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