Granite Kitchen Counter Tops

Natural stone as a material in the making of a house is always admired because it is unique and elegant, along with that it is durable and tough. Of course, countertops are made out of many different natural stones but out of the lot granite isconsidered to the king. It is a intelligent deal for several artistic and practical reasons because granite matches any sort of kitchen décor or cabinetry system and it is one of the hard rated stonesso it can easily bear hot surfaces of pots and pans and would not scratch that easily. However, the major drawback is that solid slabs of stone are very expensive. They have to be cut into one piece from a single block, making them pricey to make, shape, carry, and install. So a more economic investment would be to venture in the granite tile counters. The Investment Question Granite tile counters come in numerous small segments instead of a solid slab and are easily monetarilyviable.

Stone slabs may cost up to 60$ to 70$ a square foot, but if you have a large kitchen with a big surface space, then you’re in for some trouble because natural stone will be a hefty investment. However there is nothing wrong in making a hefty investment knowing that it would give some return on it, because often natural stones do increase the worth of a house. But if you live in an area which has a limited market or if the rest of the house is not up to the standard, solid stone installations will prove to be a drawback. In other words, it might never have a probability to live up to its latentbecause it willproduce too much value in kitchen counter space of your home. Animproved way to invest is to restructure the appearance of natural stone while still keeping it affordable.

If you have a smaller kitchen then you should save your money with granite tile counters and spend on the other important appliances like cabinets and electronics. One Piece at a Time Granite tile counters are not a cheap copy of the original stone. They’re made from the same material as the solid stone slab the difference is that it just comes in sections instead of a single piece. They have all the similar physical properties, in terms of all minerals, design, andsheen, but despite the fact that these segmented pieces come from smaller, unusable blocks at the quarry and notfrom a single giant block. If a single block isn’t sufficiently large to complete an order, they’ll cut the surplus into 24, or even 36 inch squares and then sell them at a cheaper rate. It proves to be the best for both the buyer and the seller: alow cost bargain for exactly the same product. These cut pieces are also easier to install and you can keep them anywhere in the house as they do not require a huge space.

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