Grinding machine works

Quartz sand magnetic iron Process Description

The main mineral quartz sand – quartz, anti- magnetic material, can not be magnetized in a magnetic field . The iron impurities in the quartz sand minerals : hematite , limonite , magnetite, goethite , etc., most of them are magnetic material can be magnetized in a magnetic field . The difference is the use of magnetic separation process of this nature on the quartz sand to remove iron impurities in these minerals by magnetic separation . For the purpose of removing iron minerals , minerals and non-magnetic magnetic separation of minerals , acting on the magnetic force of the magnetic minerals must meet the following conditions : magnetic field acting on the magnetic mineral particles is greater than the effect of the magnetic mineral particles in all mechanical force force.

aggregate crusher plant

Dry and wet magnetic separation into election . Taking a quartz sands production process , for example, the wet- dry election and election process to compare the two found that there is a large wet high intensity magnetic separator consumption , medium wear , producing large quantities of water , operation and maintenance costs Higher defects. Dry high intensity magnetic separation process easy operation , low operating and maintenance costs than the wet .

In the magnetic separation process, wet high intensity magnetic separator can maximize Clear including Liansheng particles including hematite, limonite and biotite minerals and other weak magnetic impurities . In general, a weak magnetic impurity mineral impurities mainly quartz sand using wet high intensity magnetic separator can be selected more than 10,000 Oersted , containing impurities with a strong magnetic minerals magnetite , is adopted or in weak magnetic separator machine selected is better. In the production of the best available wet high intensity magnetic separation machine Fe2O3 0.036 % of the high-quality quartz sand concentrates. Wet high intensity magnetic separator iron effect subject to quantity, flushing parameters affecting water , magnetic field strength, etc. , of which the greatest impact on the magnetic field strength . In addition , the number of magnetic separation , the more fine quartz sand degrees, in addition to iron , the better the effect .

ball mill working principle

Grinding machine works

Milled ore mill is usually carried out . Many types of grinding machines , but in general the use of metal mine and mill rod mill . Pebble mill and from the mill in the country in recent years gradually applied. Rotary cylinder mill and rod mill at both ends with a hollow shaft , cylinder with a considerable number of steel bars and steel balls. When the water from the ore and to one end of the hollow shaft into the cylinder is discharged from the other end of the hollow shaft . When the rotary cylinder at a predetermined speed , the ball , and bars together with ore , under the action of centrifugal force and frictional force with the cylinder rises to a certain height, and then from the cylinder wall to make the falling and sliding down. Then they again rose to the same height with the cylinder , and then came down, periodically conduct , impact and grinding the ore is ground action . Milled ore with water to form slurry ( wet grinding ) , by the end of the hollow shaft of discharge discharge , complete the grinding operation. copper mining process plant

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