Gypsum Powder Production Plant

in the process of work, because of pebbles sand making machine belongs to high speed running equipment, special attention should be safe.Gypsum Powder Production Plant for Sale The staff should be far away from the equipment, if need to computer repair, power must rear can operate.

Pebble sand making machine is a special equipment for producing building sand and stone, 50% energy saving than the traditional sand making machine.ball mill for sale It can take a variety of rock, sand and gravel, cobble echoed various granularity building sand, sand granularity, high crushing strength than natural sand, ordinary sand hammer play sand machine production is more conform to the requirements of the building, more can improve the quality of construction.

regular outage opened the door of observation to observe internal wear of pebbles sand making machine, on the center into the feed tube, cone hat, impeller, the port plate, circular plate, the wear-resisting degree of wear and tear, should be timely replacement or repair after wear, wear resistant block, it should be replaced at the same time, guarantee the wear-resisting pieces of the same weight.Coal Washing Plant Are strictly prohibited in the process of sand making machine work open to observe observe work case inside the door, lest produce risk. Found that the impeller body wear to find manufacturers repair timely replacement. Pay special attention to, without the consent of the manufacturer, it is strictly prohibited to homemade impeller.

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