had her small widow’s pension left

had her small widow’s pension left; granted,she ate but little, and the two could still manage to live, notdependent upon others.
  Night was always fallen when she arrived home; before she could entershe had to go down a little over the worn rocks, for the cottage wasplaced on an incline towards the beach, below the level of thePloubazlanec roadside. It was almost hidden under its thick brownstraw thatch, and looked like the back of some huge beast, shrunk downunder its bristling fur. Its walls were sombre and rough like therocks, but with tiny tufts of green moss and lichens over them. Therewere three uneven steps before the threshold, and the inside latch wasopened by a length of rope-yarn run through a hole. Upon entering, thefirst thing to be seen was the window, hollowed out through the wallas in the substance of a rampart, and giving view of the sea, whenceinflowed a dying yellow light. On the hearth burned brightly thesweet-scented branches of pine and beechwood that old Yvonne used topick up along the way, and she herself was sitting there, seeing totheir bit of supper; indoors she wore a kerchief over her head to saveher cap. Her still beautiful profile was outlined in the red flame ofher fire. She looked up at Gaud. Her eyes, which formerly were brown,had taken a faded look, and almost appeared blue; they seemed nolonger to see, and were asics trainers online troubled and uncertain with old age. Each dayshe greeted Gaud with the same words:
  ”Oh, dear me! my good lass, how late you are to-night!”"No, Granny,” answered Gaud, who was used to it. “This is the sametime as other days.”"Eh? It seemed to me, dear, later than usual.”They sat down to supper at their table, which had almost becomeshapeless from constant use, but was still as thick as the generousslice of a huge oak. The cricket began its silver-toned music again.
  One of asics gel the sides of the cottage was filled up by roughly sculptured,worm-eaten woodwork, which had an opening wherein were set thesleeping bunks, where generations of fishers had been born, and wheretheir aged mothers had died.
  Quaint old kitchen utensils hung from the black beams, as well asbunches of sweet herbs, wooden spoons, and smoked bacon; fishing-nets,which had been left there since the shipwreck of the last Moans, asics in uk theirmeshes nightly bitten by the rats.
  Gaud’s bed stood in an angle under its white muslin draperies; itseemed like a very fresh and elegant modern invention brought into thehut of a Celt.
  On the granite wall hung a photograph of Sylvestre in his sailorclothes. His grandmother had fixed his military medal to it, with asics gel hisown pair of those red cloth anchors that French men-of-wars-men wearon their right sleeve; Gaud had also brought one of those funerealcrowns, of black and white beads, placed round the portraits of thedead in Brittany. This represented Sylvestre’s mausoleum, and was allthat remained to consecrate his memory in his own land.
  On summer evenings they did not sit up late, to save the lights; whenthe weather was fine, they sat out a while on a stone bench before asics running shoes sale thedoor, and looked at passers-by in the road, a little over their heads.
  Then old Yvonne would lie down on her cupboard shelf; and Gaud on herfine bed, would fall asleep pretty soon, being tired out with herday’s work, and walking, and dreaming of the return of the Icelanders.
  Like a wise, resolute girl, she was not too greatly apprehensive.
Part 3 In The Shadow Chapter 13
But one day in Paimpol, hearing that /La Marie/ had just got in, Gaudfelt possessed with a kind of fever. All her quiet composuredisappeared; she abruptly finished up her work, without quite knowingwhy, and set off home sooner than usual.
  Upon the road, as she hurried on, she recognised /him/, at somedistance off, coming towards her. She trembled and felt her strengthgiving way. He was now quite close, only about twenty steps off, hishead erect and his hair curling out from beneath his fisher’s cap. Shewas so taken by surprise at this meeting, that she was afraid shemight fall, and then h

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