Hammer crusher common troubleshooting method

Hammer crusher crushing ratio, high amount of sand , gravel production has become a commonly used device, then how in the course of reasonable maintenance , troubleshooting ? Bearing overheating. Reason: bearing lubricant may be insufficient , it could be bad fats cause fever , on the other hand is bearing damage caused . Solution: timely complement lubricants, and increase the amount depends on the circumstances , if the bearing is damaged , it should be replaced with new bearings. Bearing wear . Bearings using traditional methods to repair welding or plating process , because of the effects of heat , the short axis of the phenomenon in operation , or even cause a serious accident. Brush repair and bearing layers influence because , after some time , easily. Both methods can cause wear again. looking for used mobile granite crushers

There is now a high-tech products , strong adhesion , high compressive strength , can quickly and efficiently repair bearing wear , and can extend bearing life. Percussion sound generated inside the machine . Reason: There are other debris into the interior of the machine ; liner loose parts fixed parts of living , resulting in the hammer impact on the liner ; hammer or other damaged parts . Workaround: Stop running crusher for crushing chamber to clean up the site to check whether the fixed liner and fasten loose living ; replacement of damaged parts . Machine vibration. Cause : There may be no balance to place the machine , resulting in unbalanced operation vibration ; machine wear more serious ; Solution: Carefully inspect each part of the machine , the timely replacement or repair , to avoid impact on production .

Sand production line process

Sand is the mechanism by natural rock crusher crushing and fine crushing to the Sand -5mm particle size rock particles . Mechanisms such as sand and natural sand sand compared with stable quality, particle size with the management and so on. With the development of infrastructure in recent years , the demand for the construction market is huge, the shortage of natural sand is already in the state , it is difficult to meet the development needs of the industry. Sand production line making use of mechanisms sand also unique advantages gradually replace natural sand , becoming one of the best sources of building materials. Currently, many of the concrete, mortar companies began using the mechanism in the production of sand instead of natural sand, and achieved good economic results.

soapstone benefication plants

Sand production mechanism can waste a lot of resources and reuse : It is understood that some of the quarries around the country after years of mining, tailings ( stone chips ) waste , piling up, both occupied land pollution , and waste of resources. Production mechanism sand can turn waste into treasure, make full use of resources, that solves the problem of shortage of sand , but also deal with a lot of tailings, gravel . And now with the cement into the concrete , sand and gravel aggregate industry, the cement and concrete Aggregate industry customers, markets, mineral resources, technology and equipment , and human resources and integration of highly complementary strengths , making cement enterprises to enter concrete aggregates cement enterprise development industry has become one of the important modes bigger and stronger . There is a growing emphasis on utilization of tailings and governance issues . In order to improve the utilization of mineral resources, extend the useful life , but also in order to protect the ecological environment for mankind’s survival mechanism sand will be the inevitable choice of development in the construction industry . stone crusher for quarry stones

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