Hammerhead design

Hammer crusher hammer is the main working parts. Hammer mass, shape and material has a great influence on the production capacity of the crusher. Quality is proportional to the kinetic energy of the hammer and hammer size, the greater the kinetic energy, ie the greater the quality of the hammer, the higher crushing efficiency, energy consumption is also greater. Therefore, to select the appropriate quality hammer block, depending on the size of the feed. Hammer wear resistance is the main quality indicators to improve the wear resistance of the hammer can shorten maintenance downtime crusher. Thus, improve the utilization of the crusher and reduce maintenance costs.dolomite stone crushing equipment

The traditional high-carbon steel is generally used hammer forging or casting, but also useful for high-manganese steel casting. Recently, some with high chromium cast iron composite casting hammer, hammer handle that uses ZG310 ~ 570 steel, high chrome cast iron and hammer, to improve the wear resistance of high manganese steel hammer several times. Now hammerhead design has changed from the traditional design of the overall structural design of modular. In addition, the development of new materials, especially the successful development of high hardness wear-resistant materials, but also for the design and improve the performance of the hammerhead hammerhead provide a guarantee conditions, but also for the subjects to provide a larger choice. After considering the technical requirements and requirements of this project, we decided to use the new modular hammerhead structure.zirconium silicate mining equipment

Back plate design

The role of the back plate is exposed to the material being hammered plate on which impact crusher, crushing the material bounce back after crushing area, conducted impact crusher again. Design requirement is that the material is the impact of the board hammer after a counterattack by the position just after the rotation after location for board hammer to utilization impact crusher again.

Crusher back plate through a variety of experiments comparing the shape of the surface area, using the rib structure works best. Because of the high hardness after casting quality rib section corners and heat, strong wear resistance. And wear surface is gradually increasing, wear size gradually slowed. Wear-resistant alloy steel back plate material used, these measures are conducive to the back plate longevity. Mounting back plate is pushed from the side of the hinge, and then pressing the fastening bolts.dolomite stone crushing equipment

The design of the door

In the material crushing process, it is inevitable that hard chunks of broken material falls between the back plate and rotor. Due to the larger size of the material, it is difficult discharged from the discharge port, the material can lead to blockage. To clear the blockage materials to ensure the normal operation of the institution, so opening the protective door. Selection of the sealing device. The design of the seals felt ring seal selection, the use of rectangular cross-section of the felt ring embedded compression effect produced by the trapezoidal groove on the shaft, to prevent oil leakage and get outside dirt, dust and other invasive bearing chamber sealing effect.

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