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Old man hand suddenly a smoke, inserted on the floor of ordinary iron gun instant rises straight from the ground, goodbye. Say, old man waved swagger ground to walk outside, the right hand up, and sway the sway just zhaoyun to his silver, ha ha, can drink. Senior high surname name? Zhaoyun also don’t stop, because just Alpinestars Boots had been told him a place for the. TongYuan. TongYuan elder…… Zhaoyun firmly remember the name. TongYuan? How so familiar with? A surname arashi muttering to himself. Three younger brother, do you know the old deathlessly drink? Eldest brother, I said, he is a river’s lake warlock, you don’t be he cheated ah, your own marksmanship is very much, I estimate is that he want to correct Canada Goose Men’s Parka you a pair of. The enlightenment ink to kneel hands, they left the pie mouth. Two younger brother, this old man, is not a simple people. Zhaoyun side think back to the just man’s action, side said. Just was pure power of the show, others such as ink enlightenment, a surname arashi may feel not to come out, but zhaoyun the gunman, for these still very sensitive. A surname arashi Canada Goose Women’s Parka suddenly stood up, as if thought about what, far more than simple, TongYuan but, but the legendary gun earth god! Gun god!? Just pull at drinking wine enlightenment ink almost the wine spit it out. Three younger brother, TongYuan elder exactly is what person? Zhaoyun see to a surname arashi. I’ve heard left kindness teacher said TongYuan the man, the master of TongYuan but very Changbai jackets brandmountain……  hm520pp20121109

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