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“No, I don’t, don’t, the emperor, begged you, you give me this time!” To break free from the bodyguard, jin was naked, a log grabbed the emperor’s leg, the guard at that time not rashly. “Get out of here–” the emperor kicked open brocade queen timberland shoes and disgust anger to drink,” still not away!” The guard stepped forward, seize and to go to the emperor ran the jin queen and SiLi to drag the outside. Jin was struggling, and hatred toward the eyes on the sweet, “the demon, you’re a goblin, not all undead goblins fairy poison, I do ghost will not miss you all!!!!! I won’t let you!” Voice faded away, still vaguely can xw880cc20120807spread with the curse crying. The queen’s eyes revealed a strands of joy, “the emperor, cheap timberland let’s go! This thing you have to sweet son, what is not assured.” Between words, sweet the meaning of the day is to please. “Well, it was late at night, and son of a serious illness, beginning more quickly back to his house to rest! These things again tomorrow morning processing!” The emperor came along, and some tired. “Yes, father emperor, you also earlier break!” The maid of the vigil had woke up, he was hiding in the corner of the trembling. “Will the cheap timberland splendid palace slave into the days are all prison, after three days together place cut!” The emperor words from cold. From now on the splendid palace removed. The next day, dry mulberry palace, cited the respectful of li Lin standing in days before the incense, heart abnormal tension, since the princess end,

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