Help tour guides have the most suitable clothes

Dear you, what is your dream? For me, I have wished of tour guide. Do you know why I want to become a tour guide? Since I was a child, I have liked to watch traveling programs and I am really impressive with the image of tour guides who are confident to introduce tourist attractions to other people and have chances to go to many places over the world.

Wow, it is very wonderful and attractive that everything on earth seems to keep an own story but all are presented specifically and interesting by tour guides. Moreover, the fashion style of tour guide is very beautiful and elegant. If I have chance to become a tour guide, I can meet many people and share knowledge of history and scenery with them.

Guide Girl

With the dream of becoming a tour guide, I have done many things to make my dream become true. I always try to practice many skills relating tour guide such as dressing, make up, and rich my knowledge. For example, in each time my friends visit my house, I usually take them go to see some beauty spots in my hometown or near that and at that time, I will play a role as a  tour  guide to instruct information to them. After many times like that, I recognize that it is one of useful ways to be a good tour guide.

Thus, in each trip, I usually prepare a clear plan with purpose of bringing much fun things for guests-my friends. One of important parts in my plan is the style of a tour guide. I always think about clothes as well as accessories attached which I will wear in each trip. Do you know that I have lost a lot of time and effort? I have spent much time on collecting fashion style because I want to be the most prominent and attractive person as same as a tour guide in television programs – a main character.

In process of finding fashion models for my wardrobe, I have discovered that dress up games have supported for me a lot in dressing. I have known the thousands of different clothes and how to combine clothes with accessories through playing dress up games. Accidentally, at this weekend, some foreigners will visit my hometown and I want to have a new fashion style for a tour guide while I have less time to play a lot of game as possible. If you are interested in playing dress up girl games, can you help me choose the most suitable cloth for tour guide in this weekend?

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