her gaze judging him with a look he knew well

“Han!” Leia was rushing after him, slightly out of breath.
Coolly, he stopped and turned toward her. “Yes, Your Highness?”
“I thought you had decided to stay.”
There seemed to be real concern in Leia’s voice, but Han could not be certain.
“That bounty hunter we ran into on Ord Mantell changed my mind.”
“Does Luke know?” she asked.
“He’ll know when he gets back,” Han replied gruffly.
Princess Leia’s eyes narrowed, her gaze judging him with a look he knew well.For a moment Han felt like louis vuitton outlet one of the icicles on the surface of the planet.
“Don’t give me that look,” he said sternly. “Every day more bounty hunters aresearching for me. I’m going to pay off Jabba before he sends any more of hisremotes, Gank killers, and who know what else. I’ve got to get this price off myhead while I still have a head.”
Leia was obviously affected by his words, and Han could see that she wasconcerned for him as well as, perhaps, feeling something more.
“But we still need you,” she said.
“We?” he asked.
“What about you?” Han was careful to emphasize the last word, but really wasn’tcertain why. Maybe it was something he had for some time wanted to say but hadlacked the courage-no, he amended, the stupidity-to expose his feelings. At themoment there seemed louis vuitton outlet to be little to lose, and he was ready for whatever she mightsay.
“Me?” she said bluntly. “I don’t know what you mean.”
Incredulous, Han Solo shook his head. “No, you probably don’t.”

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