Here’s what Canadians think of the oil sands

The oil sands industry is possibly the most controversial subject in Canada today. Companies trying to develop, transport and sell Alberta’s crude have faced fierce opposition from environmental and aboriginal groups. Efforts to transport the oil to US markets through the proposed Keystone XL pipeline have been stalled by the US government, activists and the US Environmental Protection Agency.Meanwhile, petroleum producers and the Canadian government have been mounting a PR campaign – including the Federal government’s $24 million ad campaign in Washington – to build a better reputation for the billion dollar industry.Gold Mining Equipment Manufacturer

A recent poll by Ipsos Reid Public Affairs – on behalf of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers – gives some insight into what Canadians think of the industry which is expected to provide about $79 billion in government revenue over the next two decades. The survey shows that the public is highly divided on one of the most fundamental questions on oil sands. By a slim majority, Canadians agree that the “overall, the benefits of development of the oil sands in Canada outweigh the negatives.”But despite frequent and widely-publicized anti-oil sands activism, 80% of people surveyed support “the use of pipelines to transport oil sands crude from Alberta to refineries in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada.” Similarly, 75% agree that “Canadian oil refineries should make it a priority to use Canadian oil before using oil imported from other countries, even if it means transporting oil from Western Canada across the country to the refineries.”Crusher for Ilmenite Processing Plant

This should come as good news to Enbridge, the company that currently operates the 639-kilometre Line 9B pipeline in Western Canada and is trying to get government approval to reverse its flow so that it can transport cheap crude from Alberta to Montreal. The industry’s environmental record has come under fire recently, particularly since a CBC news investigation showed that the rate of spills and leaks from Canada’s federally-regulated pipelines has doubled since 2000. The most encouraging survey result for the industry is probably the fact that 61% agree with the statement that “the debate on whether the oil sands should exist is over and we should move on to how the oil sands should be developed.”Kaolin Processing Machinery for Sale

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